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The Devil Exposed Masterclass

Don't let the adversary get in your head with temptations or tormenting thoughts of failure and disappointment!

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Do you ever:

• Feel like you just can't get rid of the negative voices in your head? They just get louder and louder?

• Have unwanted thoughts and feelings that increase your anxiety, depression, fear, or overwhelm?

• Constantly feel like whatever you do is not enough? Or that you are "your own worst enemy?"

There are 3 very unpleasant things most of us experience on a regular basis:

  • Temptation: unwanted invitations and enticements to behave in ways that contradict our values
  • Torment: Involuntary thoughts and feelings that increase anxiety, depression, fear, overwhelm, etc.
  • Turmoil: Unwanted relationship tension, miscommunication and disappointment

“The Devil Exposed Masterclass” will be exposing the role the Subtle Serpent plays in your psychological experience of Temptation, Torment and relationship Turmoil.  

There is a way to master those thoughts that keep popping in your head!

In The Devil Exposed Masterclass You Will...

Meet Your "Devil Exposed" Trainers

Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker, M.ed

Maurice Harker, M.ed, is the author of the popular self-mastery book, Like Dragons Did They Fight. Maurice completed his Bachelor’s program at the University of Utah majoring in Psychology and minoring in Mathematics, and he completed his Professional Counseling Masters Degree at the University of Utah.

After working in various capacities with troubled youth, Maurice opened Life Changing Services in 2005. He created the Sons of Helaman Program to help young men struggling with sexual addiction issues. The development and expansion of this program has been a major focus since then.

In his ongoing private practice at Life Changing Services, Maurice specializes in marriage repair (especially if sexual misbehaviors are part of the problem). He trains adult men to overcome unwanted patterns of sexual behavior. He works to help heal the wives experiencing betrayal trauma. He works with individuals fighting anxiety and depression issues.

Peter Samoa

Peter Samona

Peter G. Samona, author of “Becoming Christ Centered” was born in Iraq into an Aramaic (language of the Savior) speaking Chaldean Roman Catholic family.  He is the ninth of 12 children.  His family immigrated to America at the age of 7.  While growing up in Detroit Michigan and at the age of 10 he met an LDS family and soon fell in love with the restored Gospel.    

After years of investigating and three baptismal cancellations, he finally joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the age of 18.  When his mother disowned him for joining the Church, he moved to St. George Utah where he attended Dixie College, worked and prepared to serve full time in the Texas Dallas Mission.

Peter received a Bachelor Degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. His greatest passion is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is a grateful father to his sweet daughter Anina.  Peter is involved in the Self Improvement arena and is a Life and Business Coach and Mentor.

Gain the Mental Self-Mastery You Desire

How Does the Program Work?

In this 36+ hour self-paced masterclass we will be exposing the role the Subtle Serpent plays in your psychological experience of Temptation, Torment and relationship Turmoil.  

Along with this, we will be providing carefully prepared and designed tools, weapons and techniques for responding successfully to these unwanted and intrusive attacks on your spirit.  

You can go through the lessons at your own pace, listen to recordings, download worksheets, and email your questions to

We will teach and cycle through 12 main principles  and frequently add new videos, audios and write-ups so you can continue to learn.


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