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About Garrett Fronk ⁠—Financially Trained Mentor

Ever since I was a kid I loved saving money. 

When other kids were spending their dollars on candy, I was putting them in my piggy bank for a rainy day.  I was taught at a young age the value of a dollar as I hosed off manure laden farm equipment at my father’s business. 

This led me to pursue a degree in accounting and fostered a desire to help others with their money issues. 

In my senior year of college, I became involved with Life Changing Services. After seeing the principles taught in their programs change my life, I wanted to do the same for others, 

I quickly realized that the same struggles people have with addiction can be translated to handling their finances.  They make promises to themselves (and others) and then break those promises. 

This is when I decided to create the Financial Self-Mastery program with Maurice Harker, owner and director of Life Changing Services. 

As an accountant, I can see that it doesn’t matter how much money you make, whether it is $1 million dollars or $100, you can still spend money outside your value system.  

After seeing so many people hurt from their financial situations I wanted to do something to change that.  

I can’t wait to help you see the amazing results that occur when you train your brain and achieve Financial Self-Mastery!

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