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Advanced training for the Noble and Great pre-Missionaries of the Final Generation

Frontline Warriors

For graduates of the Sons of Helaman Program who want to join the Green Berets/Navy Seals of Psychological and Spiritual Self-Mastery in preparation for becoming the most Noble and Great Missionaries of this Final Generation! 

There were many inspiring messages shared in the April 2022 General Conference. One that stood out for me right from the start was the focus on strengthening our Missionary Minded Men. (Is it okay that I refer to you Young Warriors as “men”?!)

You have shown such noble fortitude as you have completed the basic training for self-mastery provided by the Sons of Helaman program.

It is vital that you retain your momentum, as emphasized by President Nelson.

Because YOU, in a very short period of time, will be on the FRONT LINES of this war for the souls of men as missionaries!

After Sons of Helaman... Before Mission Workshops

Frontline Warriors Will Learn...

Young LDS Missionary

How Does the Program work?

  • Warriors can join at any time
  • There are 16 key lessons
  • The 16 weeks of training will be repeated cyclically, as do athletes and musicians, until each Frontline Warrior achieves the desired excellence
  • Your enrollment will be maintained until you formally withdraw
  • Each team will have 16-20 Warriors
  • We will use our team support app [Relay] to keep in touch through the week and to increase individual and team momentum and accountability
  • We will stay in touch with and support those from the team who leave on missions
  • Warriors will be paired off to maximize reinforcement
  • At the end of each 16 weeks, teammates will be shuffled

Advanced Training With Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker, M.ed

Maurice W. Harker, M.ed, is the originator and Director of Sons of Helaman, a sexual self-mastery training program, started in 2005.  

Sons of Helaman has helped thousands of young men recover from pornography challenges and other sexual self-mastery related issues.

He is also the originator of Men of Moroni (the men’s equivalent to Sons of Helaman)  and Eternal Warriors Training (a prevention and self-mastery training program).

Maurice is the author of, Like Dragons Did They Fight a synergy of eternal principles and accurate science for personal self-mastery.  

He is passionate about helping young men prepare to serve missions and has worked for 25 years to discover and refine his Christ-centered training system. He has trained hundreds of young men to effectively battle the adversary… and win their daily battles! 

Frontline Warrior Training Specifics

More Detailed Information

  • Male bonding
  • Review Favorite Quote of the Week
  • Review any letters we have gotten from Missionary Warriors who have gone out
  • Report on new # of memorized cards and current MANPWR (accountability)
  • Review Acclaim Moments!
  • Review a New Life Focus
  • Review a General Conference Talk
  • Review Reading Assignment
  • Closing Ceremony: Read Team Warrior’s Prayer together for those on Missions.  List names: Elder…, Elder…, Elder…, in the Team Warrior Prayer
PLUS, you will have a new set of MANPWR goals!  Yeah!

Additional Information You May Want to Know

  • M – Memorize
    • Find a quote/scripture worth memorizing.  Look first in Conference talks, Scriptures, Hymns and Come Follow Me.  Then from the reading list.  Write it down – 3×5 card or electronic
    • “Shuffle” all previously memorized cards.  
    • “Deal” off 5.
    • Add your new “card” to these 5.
    • Memorize and re-memorize the 6 “cards”
    • Record the New # of Cards
    • Repeat from the top.  Shoot to complete this cycle 1/day.
  • A – Acclaim – (practice being a missionary of true principles)
    • -Quote/Testify of a true principle (one of your cards) to 1 or more people
    • or Write an email to one of your fellow warriors who is currently on his mission.
  • N- New Lifestyle*
    • Next focus area for lifestyle refinement.
    • 1% more in harmony with God and His Spirit.
    • D-P-A-R
  • P- Power Prayer
  • W- Write
    • A letter to God
      • Learn how to work together – he is the ultimate teammate: Moses, Brother of Jared, Nephi, Joseph Smith
    • A letter to future investigators
      • Practice teaching a principle – sharing insight, testifying: great way to get the “A” square.
    • A letter to parents: Gratitude
    • D-P-A-R one of your growth areas.
  • R- Reading
    • You must have new principles (material) in your mind for God to work with.  He rarely gives you direct information when the information you need is already at your fingertips.
    • Pick from the books below.
    • Be ready to share your favorite principle you read this week. 


Reading List:

  1. Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People: Dale Carnagie
  3. Atomic Habits: James Clear
  4. Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino
  5. Peak: Anders Ericsson 
  6. Drawing on the Powers of Heaven: Grant avon Harrison
  7. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Sean Covey
  8. Think and Grow Rich (Gardens): Napoleon Hill
  9. Wild at Heart: John Eldredge
  10. Grit: Angela Duckworth 

*New Lifestyle categories:

  1. Good night sleep
  2. Hydration
  3. Exercise/stretching
  4. Nutrition
  5. Self grooming and clothing
  6. Clean/Orderly environment
  7. Kindness/Warmth/Communication/Gratitude (what do you have that others do not have.)
  8. Ongoing education – 
    1. Learn to look for and study things like:
      1. Handbook for Missionaries
      2. Preach my Gospel
      3. Social Media booklet
      4. Mental health for Missionaries
  9. Remembering/Noticing/Assessing improvement systems
  10. Getting Outside – air, sun and earth
  11. Meditation, focus and breathing
  12. Money Tracking and Management
  13. Clothing: Choosing, Repairing and Maintaining
  14. Battle Readiness: What made me not as powerful today, I can be more ready for tomorrow.  (Special Forces- After-action report, clean and put away weapons and equipment to be ready to run on short notice.)

Have Further Questions?

If you need more information and/or want to talk about the suitability of this specialized training for you, please call our main office.

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