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Knights of Honor

For Young Men and Families who want to join in ROLEPLAYING GAMES! ACCOMPLISH what you really WANT in life through the completion of GOALS!

Earn REWARDS to incentivize and increase your momentum! 

Battle and Strategize with a group of fellow Warriors seeking to
complete their GOALS!! 


Participating each week will enhance your child's self-mastery skills, give them incentives to reach their goals, and increase their social interactions.


1 John 2:10:
"He that loveth his brother abideth
in the light, and there is
none occasion of stumbling in him."

In KNIGHTS of HONOR you will learn...

How Does Knights of Honor work?

  • Warriors can join at any time

  • The Adventure Game will be a continued adventure story until the Warrior achieves their desired excellence

  • Your enrollment will be maintained until you formally withdraw

  • Each Game Session will have up to 8 Warriors

  • Each team is committed to individual and team momentum and accountability

  • The team meets WEEKLY in a 2-hour Game Session

  • All you need is access to ZOOM & Google Sheets

  • Plenty of GROUP TIMES to choose from:
    Monday at 7:30 pm
    Wednesday at 5 pm
    Friday at 5 pm

  • The COST is $25 per attendee per each 2 hr group.
    (Only charged if you attend)



Monday 7:30 pm MT

Wednesday 5 pm MT

Friday 5 pm MT


Meet WEEKLY online

Investment: $25/attended 2hr group
(Only charged if you attend)

*For additional times, family groups, or other questions, please email KC Broadhead at

Additional Information & Details You May Want to Know


Moms, Dads,

We have been working very hard to find new and better ways to defeat the Adversary, and when possible, use his own weapons against him.  A common tool Satan has used to pull our young warriors from the Battle Field of Life is to pull them into the artificial world of gaming.  

What if we could use the world of gaming to empower the young warriors to win battles in the Real World?

After many years of pondering, we have discovered a way to bring this to your young warriors.

So what’s the Game?

When you read a novel you enjoy getting to know the characters and the mystery of the story. In an adventure game, a skilled storyteller will draw from his mind an adventure, and then using the basic rules of other well known adventure games, emerges: “Knights of Honor”.  The work behind this game/training tool comes from KC Broadhead, one of our fine Personal Warrior Trainers.

One of our finest warriors, KC Broadhead has been diligently working on this problem for some time.  He has taken what was once thought of as a distraction or derailing tool of Satan – adventure games – and turned it into an edifying and powerful system of developing brotherhood and motivation for those who love this kind of game.

In this game your Warrior will be one of the main characters of a jaw dropping story. Your Warrior will make a character with the help of KC that will impact the story as one of its main protagonists (heroes). Together with the aid of other Warriors, your Warrior and his “party” will seek to unravel a mystery to bring about the good of the people of the fantasy world Fandrian. KC will function as the Game Master or GM, or for lack of a better way to describe it, the creator of the “world” and other characters as well as villains they will meet along their journey. 

What would it be like to know your son was playing a game that makes him smarter, builds self confidence, and also motivates him toward successes in his Sons of Helaman training?

Now your Warrior can receive the time-tested successful training SofH offers and increased motivation to do so.  Each week his efforts have the potential to enhance his abilities, give him advantage, increase his interaction in the game.  Often the brain responds to an extrinsic reward which enhances our ability to get to the last intrinsic rewards we desire.  

There are a lot of, surprising, real-life benefits to playing Adventuring Games

  1. These types of games make you smarter.
  2. These types of games build cooperative, problem-solving skills.
  3. These types of games are good for mental health


Please read more details below on how he, with a great deal of inspiration and pondering, has pulled off this Miracle!

Your servant,

Maurice Harker

Director, Life Changing Services

Author: Like Dragons Did They Fight

Hello Parents and Sons of Helaman Warriors,

Introducing Knights of Honor!  In our day and age, we find ourselves gaining motivation from micro rewards that can come from an achievement in a video game or likes on social media. By giving rewards for each Goal of MANPWR, Perfect Weeks, and Milestone Rewards that are used in an exciting game every week we hope to elicit this same motivation to achieve goals and win battles in the real world!

When I first went through the Sons of Helaman program for the in-person groups there was a system that if enough people in the group had done well enough on their MANPWR we would all get a reward. 

We now want to offer something similar as a rewards system.

I want to share with you this new game concept that uses the power of a reward system in an Edifying and Uplifting version of a game that is like the old adventure game called Dungeons and Dragons:

Dungeons – Satan is motivated to steal our agency and rule over us. Nothing makes a son of God more miserable than the loss of his agency. Satan is a war strategist who understands how to use our mortal natural desires to steal our agency.  He preys upon those who fought for their agency in the premortal realms by standing for the Savior who championed Heavenly Father’s plan

Dragons – Warriors in the SofH program are weekly receiving a call to arms to fight like dragons for their freedom and their God. “But they fought for their lives, and for their wives, and for their children; therefore they exerted themselves and like dragons did they fight.” (Mosiah 20:11)

Each week the warriors are asked why they fight and why they don’t give up.  We each need many strategies to win our battles.  A strategy to increase motivation in the Real Life Battle for Self-Mastery can include a rewards system connected to the power of connection, creation, creativity and cognitive functioning.

Some parents have felt some concerns about Adventuring Games.  

Let’s put your mind at rest:

  1. The games I will facilitate are from my own head and use none of the old dungeons and dragons names, themes, organizations, or language outside the basics of the game rules. 
  2. Many believe that it can be “obsessive” and while I am a great storyteller and will make an engaging story, the sessions will only go for two hours each time and will serve only as something fun once a week in that context.
  3. Others believe that it will pollute their child’s brain with violence.  While there will be options for combat and such, almost every combat encounter can be avoided entirely. Just as there was a war in heaven or fighting is needed to save lives in the real world, we will include some heroic battles.
  4. Some also believe that there is no religion in this game. We will intentionally be including spirituality in the world your child would participate in Knights of Honor. There is one God, the same God you and I worship, that allows, just as we have prophets today. There will be eight good spirits that function as God’s more immediate “hands” to bring people up.  Each of these good spirits, just as modern day revelation says we can be, was once just a normal person just like you and me that God is letting continue teaching just as the 3 Nephites did. (So religion galore.) 


That’s Amazing! So how does it help my Warrior get their MANPWR done and not lose battles, you ask?

For every MANPWR goal your warrior completes in real life, they will receive money and magical items in the game. And for every lost battle in real life, your Warrior will lose things or their character will receive things that are a detriment to them and how they are able to function. There are also rewards for perfect weeks, for Milestone perfect streaks like 4, 8 and 12 weeks and for attending their weekly group meeting and PWT appointments. 

Great! Will there be anything I won’t agree with as a parent? 

The story will have moments of battle but will be more story driven. Swearing will not be a part of this, nor will anything sexual of any kind. If you have any additional questions or concerns about things you are welcome to contact KC at

So Wonderful! Thank you! Will this help my Warrior with anything else?

By communicating with their fellow Warriors to figure out problems and deal with social issues, your Warrior will build comradery with his party of fellow adventurers, learn to better socialize and communicate, and build his creativity. Your Warrior will also be able to add things they struggle with in their everyday life to their character and their personality to be able to simulate them in a safe environment.

Get started now by clicking on any registration button on this page.

We are so excited to see you in our next Game Session!

Yours in the Fight!

KC Broadhead

Creator & Director of Knight Castle Services


ps–if there is not currently a time that works for you and you would like to suggest an additional game time, please email me, KC, at and let me know what time would be good for you to participate.

Have Further Questions?

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*For additional times, family groups, or other questions, please email KC Broadhead at

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