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Learn the Process to Acquire an Undeniable Level of Communication With God

Learn how to break through the "maybes" of getting revelations and KNOW that God is talking directly to YOU! Receive a clear and strong connection as you truly communicate with God

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Do you have questions you are afraid to say outloud?

There will come a time in your life when you start asking questions about God and life.

You will probably not have anyone you trust enough to share these questions with. 

The questions will sit inside you like a lone man in a quiet prison cell, just as they did with me.

“Is there really a God?”
“Does He know I exist?”
“Does He care (that I exist)?”
“Is He pleased with how I am living my life?”

To have an answer to these questions alone would change so much.

What if...

Learn how God Communicates with You

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"Undeniable Communication From God"


A little more about ..."Undeniable Communication From God"

As a young missionary, in inner city Detroit, during a rare teaching opportunity, a woman asked me, “Elder Harker, what does this stuff have to do with (my) real life issues?” 

I was horrified by my response, “I have no idea.”  I wasn’t being trite.  It was my most sincere response at the time.  I had been raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but I had never taken the time to learn how the principles applied to real anxiety, depression, fear, overwhelm, relationship dynamics, addiction recovery, etc, etc.

I was so embarrassed, I began a crusade that has lasted over 30 years.  Every 6 months, for over 30 years, I have combed through the new and fresh General Conference talks to harvest the most useful psychological principles.

To give you a flavor of some of the things I discovered, I invite you to read (free) this brief discussion called, “Undeniable Communication with God.”

What’s in the book:  Breaking through the veil psychologically.  Breaking through the “Maybe’s” of getting revelation and knowing that God is talking to me.

So many of us spend years with a soft or foggy connection with God.  Most of us also have a craving for a clear and strong connection.  This book will walk you through the process of acquiring that undeniable level of communication with God.  

About the Author

Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker, M.ed

Maurice Harker, M.ed is also the author of the popular self-mastery book, Like Dragons Did They Fight

Maurice completed his Bachelor’s program at the University of Utah majoring in Psychology and minoring in Mathematics, and he completed his Professional Counseling Masters Degree at the University of Utah.

After working in various capacities with troubled youth, Maurice opened Life Changing Services in 2005. He created the Sons of Helaman Program to help young men struggling with sexual addiction issues. The development and expansion of this program has been a major focus since then.

In his ongoing private practice at Life Changing Services, Maurice specializes in marriage repair work (especially if sexual misbehaviors are part of the problem). He trains adult men to overcome unwanted patterns of sexual behavior. He works to help heal the wives experiencing betrayal trauma. He works with individuals fighting anxiety and depression issues.

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