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The 4 Seasons of a
Healthy & Happy Marriage

For pre-marrieds, those Between Marriages, or anyone wanting to strengthen an existing marriage

Learn principles that create better, stronger, and more reliable relationships

Have you been in a relationship that didn't turn out the way you hoped?

Are you serious about marriage prep and want the best possible start to your marriage for a strong foundation?

Been married before, but it wasn’t great?

Has your marriage stagnated?

Over the past 30 years, I have discovered that the principles that govern healthy and happy relationships are as consistent and reliable as the principles that govern the flight of airplanes.  The more you understand and apply the principles, the better, stronger and more reliable the relationship becomes.

Imagine an airplane building competition where the participants are told, “You can build it any way you want.”   

Someone brings an “airplane” built with a cardboard box body and corkscrew shaped wings.  When it comes time to fly the airplanes, as you might guess, this airplane crashes quickly.  Then the participant does a strange thing, and gets frustrated with you or others for keeping it from flying!

Unfortunately, someone, somewhere in the history of relationship science, started implying that you can build a relationship any way you want.  This is true. You can try this, but it won’t fly, reliably, unless you learn and apply the accurate principles of Healthy and Happy Relationships.

The principles that govern healthy and happy relationships are like the
4 seasons that God provides in nature

Planting, growing and harvesting healthy and happy relationships is
like planting, growing and harvesting a beautiful garden

In the 4 Seasons of a Healthy & Happy Marriage You Will Learn to...

Train weekly with Marriage Repair Specialist

Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker, CMHC

Maurice is the creator of “The Marriage Repair Workshop” and “The Lazarus Lectures,” a proven system for breathing life into marriages. He has watched many others experience the pain and anguish of a struggling marriage and he understands how taxing and challenging this is on anyone who has committed to an eternal marriage. 

Maurice is committed to helping others create healthy and happy marriages from the beginning and wants to help couples BEFORE they reach a need for counseling. This workshop helps couples start with a solid foundation.

Maurice has worked for 25 years to discover and refine his Christ-centered marriage training system. He has trained hundreds of couples to repair their relationships and successfully navigate to the “Marital Promised Land.”

Maurice is the owner and founder of Life Changing Services, a counseling center providing therapeutic recovery programs for individuals and training and healing for the whole family.

How Does the Program work?

Participants attend a weekly live online classroom training with Maurice Harker, CMHC.  

During the 8-week training sessions, Maurice teaches principles and provides coaching and answers questions to help apply the principles and tools to specific situations.

In between live sessions, use the “4 Seasons of a Healthy & Happy Marriage” online multimedia training system to reinforce principles taught in the live trainings.  

You can go through the lessons at your own pace, download worksheets, and bring questions to the live training.

Weekly Live Workshop Times

Everyone enrolled will get a copy of the recording each week.
All participants are given access to the multimedia online coursework including audios, videos, diagrams and write ups.


$ 160
/one-time payment
  • Or 3 monthly payments of $60
  • Attend live workshops, access the online training portal,
    plus receive all workshop recordings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask questions during the workshop?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate throughout the session.

Can I get a recording of sessions I miss?

You will automatically receive a recording of each week’s session in your inbox whether you attend the session or not. You are encouraged to listen and review more than once to maximize your learning.

Are these sessions private?

This class is a workshop, not group therapy. Last names are edited out of the recordings, but recordings are available to all who take this class.

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