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Breathing LIFE Back Into Your Marriage

Lazarus Lectures

Does it feel like your marriage is struggling?

Does it feel like it will take a miracle to bring it back to life?

Revitalize your marriage with proven Christ-centered therapeutic tools and principles

The Lazarus Lectures is a series of 40 online multimedia lessons proven to strengthen and rebuild marriages.

You've dreamed of eternity together.

Catastrophe has destroyed your marriage.

All that's left is disconnection, distrust and disharmony.

In the Lazarus Lectures, Maurice Harker, M.ed, and his team will show you how to re-birth and revitalize your marriage, making it vibrant and healthy.

proven marriage repair tools & principles you can implement daily

In the Lazarus Lectures You Will Learn To...

And that’s just lessons 1-8!
These are just a few of 40 lessons available with your subscription.

It is recommended that you combine the Live Marriage Repair Workshops in order to experience even more success!

Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker, M.ed.

Maurice is the creator of the Marriage Repair Workshops and the accompanying multi-media, self-paced “Lazarus Lectures.” When combined, they provide a proven system for breathing life into nearly dead marriages. He has watched many other couples experience the pain and anguish that you are experiencing, and he understands how taxing and challenging this is on anyone who has committed to an eternal marriage. He is familiar with your fear and your concerns.  

Maurice has worked for over 30 years to discover and refine this Christ-centered training system that helps breathe life back into near-death marriages.  The concepts and skills you will be learning are a carefully prepared synergy of Eternal Principles with Accurate Science. Over the last 17+ years, Maurice has trained hundreds of couples to repair their relationships, many on the edge of death, and successfully navigate to the “Marital Promised Land.”

Maurice is the owner and founder of Life Changing Services, an organization of many service providers making available self-mastery training programs for individuals and training and healing for the whole family.  He continues to work, on special arrangement, with individuals and couples working to repair and rebuild traumatized marriages, as a consultant.

What You'll Receive With Your Subscription

Access 40 ONLINE multi-media lessons  from Maurice Harker, M.ed and his team that you can study at your own pace.

Each lesson includes videos, audios and other resources that you can access from your computer or mobile device via internet.

For less than 1/4 the cost of marriage therapy, attend a month’s worth of the live Marriage Repair Workshops.

Does it really work?

What Couples Have Said...

The Lazarus Lectures series was a game changer for us. My husband and I have struggled for most of our 23-year marriage. We have been through years of counseling, therapy, books, and tried just about everything you could think of. This was literally a fingers-crossed, “we don’t think anything can really help us but we will try” last attempt. It was really like we had nothing to lose because we had all but given up on the possibility of real change.

It has literally been miraculous for us. It brought gospel-centered principles to life and gave us new ways of looking at situations and different perspectives to reframe our thoughts and behaviors.
-- Jennie
Lazarus Lectures
Happy Couple from the Lazarus Lectures
Happy Couple from the Marriage Repair Workshop
Happy Couple from the Marriage Repair Workshop
I didn't quite know what to expect when we started the Lazarus Lectures, but I am ecstatic to say that the results I was hoping for in our marriage are coming to fruition! When we began I don't know that I would have said that our marriage needed to be "raised from the dead," but we definitely could have used a miracle--and have gotten one.

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Lazarus Lectures

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Marriage Repair Workshops
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  • 40 Lessons of the Lazarus Lectures series.
    Self-paced mult-media course

Lazarus Lectures AND
Marriage Repair Workshops

For BOTH Spouses
$ 120
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    A $40/month SAVINGS!
    Includes the Lazarus Lectures AND BOTH Men's & Women's Marriage Repair
Best Value

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Don't Let Your Marriage End in Divorce or Estrangement

"I believe that, with the right training, any marriage has the possibility of being raised from the dead. I believe that yours is worth saving."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as marriage counseling?

Many couples are not able to afford months of marriage counseling one on one with a therapist. This allows them to work together, at convenient course times, to learn and implement the same marriage repair tools and principles used in Maurices’ counseling sessions

Why are there 40 lessons?

Marriage repair does not happen overnight. It takes time and work from each spouse. This program teaches principles and tools one lesson at a time to give you a chance to learn, work on, and implement each tool. Each lesson builds on the one before and allows you to work at your own pace.

How is this different from the Marriage Repair Workshops?

The Lazarus Lectures are 40 online lessons and resources for you to work on at your own pace. The Marriage Repair workshop is a live training with Maurice Harker where he teaches the concepts from these lectures and allows you to ask questions and interact directly. The two work best when taken together.

Does this really work? Can my marriage really be saved with online lessons?

Absolutely! We have many couples that have studied the Lazarus Lectures and when combined with the Marriage Repair workshops, their marriages are better than they have ever been. (Please read a few of our testimonials above.) The principles and tools taught are refined and proven therapeutic techniques to revitalize your marriage. When you work the entire program, you will experience life being breathed back into your marriage.

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