Marriage Success Is Dependent on Being Willing To Do the Work

Marriage Success Is Dependent on Being Willing To Do the Work

The Lazarus Lectures series was a game changer for us. 

My husband and I have struggled for most of our 23-year marriage.  We have been through years of counseling, therapy, books, and tried just about everything you could think of. 

This was literally a fingers-crossed, “we don’t think anything can really help us but we will try” last attempt.  It was really like we had nothing to lose because we had all but given up on the possibility of real change.

It has literally been miraculous for us. 

It brought gospel-centered principles to life and gave us new ways of looking at situations and different perspectives to reframe our thoughts and behaviors. 

It also could have been that this is just what we needed at just the right time.  Whatever the reason is I am thankful for the miracle it has been in our life. 

Things that I didn’t think were possible to heal I am seeing healed. 

The principles taught and contained are solid principles that cut through what I consider a lot of nonsense and noise. 

I have come to realize that Satan was pitting us against each other for so long and the realization of that has made it easier to work through and heal our long time and deeply-entrenched dysfunctional patterns.

Marriage Success Is Dependent on Being Willing To Do the Work

Life Changing Services focuses around pornography addiction but this was not a problem in our marriage; we found Life Changing Services while trying to help some of our children overcome an addiction but found the principles taught here to be applicable to all areas of life and especially with the challenges we were dealing with like major dysfunction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and ADHD. 

I firmly believe that what we have learned in all the programs our family has participated in with Life Changing Services are equally applicable to everyday life and challenges.  We have tried to teach our children proactively to help them avoid some of these painful pitfalls.  

I would recommend and have recommended the Lazarus Lectures series to our adult children who are not yet married as a guide for how to approach marriage in a healthy way. 

My only note of caution is that I believe success is dependent on the individuals involved being willing to actually do the work necessary to change. 

I was blessed enough to have a spouse who was equally willing to put in the work and this was the first time that I really felt that in our marriage.  So I highly recommend this program for individuals truly wanting to change, even when the change is hard and painful. 

It has paid huge dividends for us and we will continue to review and work this series regularly because it has been so beneficial for us. 

Even if my husband had not engaged and participated in a meaningful way I believe I still would have gained new insights and skills to be more healthy and get to a better place, even if it was just for me.

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Used with permission, this was written to Maurice Harker by one of the participants of the Lazarus Lectures. We have not included her full name in order to protect the privacy of her and her family.

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