Help Thou in My Unbelief

Image used with permission, “Help Thou in My Unbelief” by Judy Cooley

Resources for Church Leaders

Do You Have Ward Members Struggling With Pornography or Other Sexual Self-Mastery Issues?

If you have ward members struggling with sexual self-mastery issues, anxiety, depression or other issues, we have resources to help.

As an ecclesiastical leader it is important to carefully investigate available resources. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when recommending counseling and training services to your people.

It is important to know the people you are working with. 

You are invited to call or schedule an appointment and talk with a trained staff member to evaluate if Life Changing Services is a good fit for your needs.

Our programs combine christ-centered principles and scientific techniques

Life Changing Services Programs Work

A gospel oriented training program for young men, teaching them to overcome pornography challenges and other unwanted sexual self-mastery behaviors.

Training to overcome pornography challenges and related issues to achieve sexual self-mastery. For YSAs and married men, including those struggling with same-sex attraction.

FREE gospel-centered clinician facilitated, peer-support groups for married & divorcing women whose spouses are dealing with pornography use, sexual addiction, and/or sexual acting out. 

FREE Christ-centered support and training for all mothers with children experiencing sexual self-mastery challenges or other difficult behaviors. 

Clinician sponsored, advanced training services for young women or women fighting anxiety, depression, self-harm or sexual self-mastery challenges, etc.

Live weekly marriage repair training with  licensed therapists. Workshops are men and women specific.

Church Leaders:
You have such a vital role in the healing and care of those you have stewardship over. It is our sincere desire to help individuals and families find hope, healing and recovery.

Helpful Resources you can Start with Today

Help Understanding Members' Struggles

Sad man sitting in an office

Leader Interview FAQs

"What can I do to help my ward member overcome a sexual misbehavior?" This information will give you suggestions and language you can use.

Teenage boy on laptop

4 Levels of Pornography Use

As you read through the "4 levels of Pornography Use," you can evaluate where a loved one may be.

children playing

10 Ways to Start Conversations about Pornography

Wondering how to talk to your child about pornography? Here are some tips for parents.


Hear SUCCESS Stories

Join us the 3rd Thursday of every month where the Sons of Helaman graduates tell their success stories and answer any questions you have.

Sons of Helaman

Sons of Helaman Video - YM SUCCESSES

Watch this short video about Sons of Helaman and hear from some of the young men firsthand what they have learned.

Like Dragons Did They Fight Book Cover

Understand the
trap of Pornography

One of the very best things you can do to to help someone struggling with pornography is to read Like Dragons Did They Fight.

Never a Happier Time Book Cover

Lessons From the War Chapters of Alma

Discover successful strategies with this comprehensive look at the War Chapters of Alma and how they can apply to our modern-day battles. Never a Happier Time.

family outside together

FREE Parent Resources and Support

We offer several free resources and trainings for parents. Ways to find hope and healing for the WHOLE family.

Family sitting together

Parent Do's and Don'ts

One of the biggest struggles parents have is how to best support their child. These are some ideas.

Sad woman

What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew

A list of insights that may benefit ecclesiastical leaders and the women they're helping.

semi truck on the road

Hit by a Truck Analogy

The analogy of being hit by a truck illustrates what a wife experiences upon discovering a spouse's sexual addiction and/or misbehavior.

An Open Letter to Bishops From the Wife of a Porn Addict

From the Wife of a Porn Addict

While every situation is different, please consider some of the following as you seek guidance in counseling a wife.

4 men laughing together on the top of a mountain

ARP & Men of Moroni Work Hand in Hand

The Church’s Addiction Recovery Program works hand in hand with Men of Moroni.

Men of Moroni

Men of Moroni Video - SUCCESS story

This couple has been traumatized by betrayal. Watch as this couple learned valuable skills through Men of Moroni.

To help you better understand those you serve

Church Leader Training Videos

How do Good, Smart People Slip into Pornography Habits?

The War Between Remembering and Forgetting

Chemical Scale and Satanic Spin

Your Mind is Like a Garden

Resources for Church Leaders

Pre-Contemplative & How to Start Discussions

President Nelson's PATTERN for GROWTH | DPAR | YOUTH

When to Bring in a Professional

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Pornography or Any of Our Programs?

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