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Understanding Betrayal Trauma: A Spiritual Perspective

Unveil the hidden spiritual dimensions of Betrayal Trauma and embark on a healing journey.

Are you struggling with Betrayal Trauma? Discover the profound insights gained when psychology meets spiritual revelation.


Overcome the distressing cycle of Betrayal Trauma with the enlightening combination of psychological science and the wisdom of the prophets.

The Satanic Spin on the Trigger Cycle:

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You can find HOPE amidst your pain

"Don't let Satan's attempts to sow discord keep you in a cycle of pain and distress. Equip yourself with the knowledge and insights from both science and spirituality to heal and overcome Betrayal Trauma. Enter a transformative journey where science meets spirituality, and find healing and hope. Empower yourself with wisdom, reclaim your peace, and move towards a brighter tomorrow."

About the Author

Maurice Harker

Maurice Harker, M.ed

Maurice Harker, M.ed, is also the author of the popular self-mastery book, Like Dragons Did They Fight

Maurice completed his Bachelor’s program at the University of Utah majoring in Psychology and minoring in Mathematics, and he completed his Professional Counseling Masters Degree at the University of Utah.

In his ongoing work at Life Changing Services, Maurice specializes in marriage repair (especially if sexual misbehaviors are part of the problem), and he is the creator of the Marriage Repair Workshops and Lazarus Lectures series.

In addition, Maurice trains adult men to overcome sexual addictions. He works to help heal the wives of sexual addicts, and he works with individuals fighting anxiety and depression issues.

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