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Our Marriage Needed A Miracle

I didn’t quite know what to expect when we started the Lazarus Lectures, but I am ecstatic to say that the results I was hoping for in our marriage are coming to fruition!

When we began I don’t know that I would have said that our marriage needed to be “raised from the dead,” but we definitely could have used a miracle–and have gotten one. 

My wife and I have always loved each other very much, but we came from very different home lives.

I was very immature as it relates to my expectations of what marriage would be like, and it led to a lot of missed opportunities and ignorance as to how to meet my wife’s needs.

I would resort to unhelpful behaviors when things weren’t going well and chronically would not work to learn from and fix my mistakes.   

Our Marriage Needed A Miracle

The principles and analogies Maurice and his team use and the tools they share really help me to see things from a whole new perspective with regards to how I should be performing in my role as a husband, and help me gain empathy to better understand what my wife may have experienced and does experience.

As we have worked and continue to work through the Lectures, opportunities have arisen allowing us to talk about past hurts in a non-threatening way.

I don’t feel attacked when my wife shares something, and when I share something I feel that she hears me. Sometimes we only make it through a small part of the lesson, but I believe that is one of the intents–to get through them at our own pace.

We get therapeutic help without having to work out a time to go see a therapist, and at a fraction of the cost of meeting with a therapist in person.

Maurice and his team know what they are doing. Each lesson is full of helpful content, and I love that they continue to add content so we can add to our knowledge base.

We now approach issues in our marriage in a much healthier way and are united in purpose and direction now more than I can ever remember. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I look forward to continue working through the Lazarus Lectures so our marriage can become even better!

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Used with permission, this was written to Maurice Harker by one of the participants of the Lazarus Lectures. We have not included his full name in order to protect the privacy of him and his family.

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