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There are profound PROMISES made to LGBTQ Latter-day Saints. Hear a message of HOPE from God.

If you or someone you know is LGBTQ and a Latter-day Saint, this book will guide you through a message Isaiah has written specifically to you in today’s world. Be guided through the scriptural passage by a gay Latter-day Saint who has studied Isaiah for 40 years.

Are you discouraged?

Do you feel like there is no place for you in the Church?
Do you feel hopeless, like you will never “make it?”
Are you ready to give up despite years of trying?

Learn what blessings God holds for His LGBTQ saints:

God Loves you as you are
God invites you to his temple
God has a special message tailored to your needs.

deep and profound insights

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"Isaiah’s Message to Faithful LGBTQ Members"



Almost three millennia ago, God revealed to Isaiah that there would be many LGBTQ Latter-day Saints in
today’s Church. God coded a message specifically for these faithful members to give them hope in
discouraging and challenging circumstances.

The message is written in such a way that non-Latter-day Saints would not understand its full meaning. Many scholars, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish, see that these verses are written to an LGBTQ audience, but they fail to comprehend the full impact of the text.

The author, Warren Bittner, offers a new translation of eight verses from Isaiah 56, to help unlock the
message contained in them. The translation of these verses has words and phrases that Latter-day
Saints will understand with deep and profound insights that others will miss.

The message to LGBTQ saints is clear: hang on—grip firmly to God; keep the LORD’s Sabbath, and His
. Then God will give you, within the courts of His holy temple, profound blessings and
promises. These include full acceptance into God’s diverse and beautiful kingdom, and the miraculous
appearance of endless posterity, even for those who never marry.

I pray this work will increase the hope and faithfulness of LGBTQ members of God’s Church. 

About the Author

Isaiah’s Message to Faithful LGBTQ Members Free Download - Copy

F. Warren Bittner

Warren Bittner, Certified Life Coach and Eternal Warrior Mentor.

God sent us to earth to be proven, tempted, tried, and challenged; and He wants us to find joy in the process (see Abraham 3:25; 2 Nephi 2:25 and James 1:2-4). Joseph Smith taught that Jesus Christ “was exposed to more powerful contradictions than any man can be.” If essential for the Lord to experience contradictions, why should I be spared? In my view, few situations are more contradictory than being both gay and a Latter-day Saint. It cost me a lifetime of soul trauma to reach the point where I can say, “I am proud to be a gay son of God!”

At age sixty, I see being gay as a profound blessing. While in the depths of finding myself, God taught me painful lessons, which I could not have learned in other ways. For me, it was God’s method of leading me to find Him. Life’s biggest challenges bring the most growth and lead to its greatest blessings. Being gay is real, but has become just a footnote to who I am and whom I will become.

As a life coach, I work online with clients of any orientation who want to live their personal values, rather than act on inclinations contrary to moral beliefs. I am fully committed to self-determination for everyone as they map their life course and face its detours. I also support parents adjusting to choices made by children. I would love to support you in your journey of discovery and understanding.

I have worked with men recovering from wounds of life for more than four decades. I have been personally trained by Maurice Harker and the leaders of the Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni programs in Eternal Warrior principles and have been certified by them as a Personal Warrior Trainer and Eternal Warriors coach.

I share profound love with my wife of almost forty years, Nancy, who supplies me constant support. Together, we survived raising three terminally-unique children, and delight in being the grandparents of five.

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