Heidi Davies

Heidi Davies, CLC

Certified Life Coach &

LCS Eternal Warriors Mentor

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Heidi Davies, CLC

Heidi believes that no matter the external circumstances of your life, it is possible to find the fight you need to live true to your dreams.

She empowers women by helping them carve a life vision that speaks to their heart and then live a life that will allow that dream to come to fruition. Through both individual coaching and the Eternal Warriors program, she teaches them to control those things that are in their control, and give the rest to God.

Heidi found LCS over 5 years ago while in the depths of betrayal trauma. She was facing depression, hopelessness, and fear that her life would never change. As she learned about boundaries and empowerment, her life changed for the better as she began to live the life she had always dreamed of.

Heidi received her Life Coach Certification from the World Coach Institute in 2016. Her initial certification was in Parent, Youth, and Family, but she has since expanded her skills to include empowerment coaching. She has been part of the WORTH program for over 5 years; two in a regular group, two in a divorce group, and has been a WORTH mentor since the inception of the program. Her love for empowerment taught in the WORTH group led her to further those skills with the Eternal Warrior program. She loves the partnership she has built with God during these years and is excited to help empower other women.

Heidi lives in Southern California with her three kids, dog, and will soon (at the time of writing) be married to the lifelong desire of her heart, which will add two more daughters, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter to her family. She plays the piano, enjoys being outdoors with her family, and loves dreaming about and planning for all the amazing adventures ahead of her.

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Individual coaching price: $50/hour, coaching packages available at a discount. Call or email for more information.

Eternal Warriors Classes:
Monday at 4:30 pm Pacific Time (Women, Youth)
Tuesday at 7:15 pm Pacific Time (for Men & Women: Using EW principles for diet and exercise)
Saturdays at 8:00 am Pacific Time (Families)