Karen Broadhead

Karen Broadhead

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Parent Support Specialist
Inspiration-based Coach

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Karen Broadhead

My philosophy is strength and healing comes when an individual truly understands their personal worth to God and knows how to connect with Him. I believe nothing heals us more than feeling the love of God in our personal life.

This, for me, has released the shame and guilt I have had for my own challenges in life. It helped me turn my own life “MESSES” into a “MESSAGE” of HOPE and HEALING. I find I am continually re-qualified and sanctified in my own life journey as I have been able to accept the things I cannot change and work with Christ to change the things I can. I cheerfully do all things that lie within my power, as stated in D&C 123:17, and find this pattern, if practiced daily, does yield the promise of seeing the salvation of God in my life.

I would love to support you in your own journey and can do so from a place of understanding as I have been through my own experiences of trauma from betrayal and abuse, supporting children in addiction, recovery from divorce and successfully navigating a blended family. I have even learned to love the body I have been given and I use it to increase my personal power.

I am a certified Eternal Warrior Mentor and serve on the Executive Board. I founded and facilitate the Mothers Who Know Program as well as the Parent Support programs at Life Changing Services (LCS). In addition, I created and taught the Parent Training courses for parents who have a child in recovery. Through these programs, I have been able to support hundreds of women on their own journey to healing over the past 7 years. I recently authored the Parent Section of the Like Dragons Did They Fight, a book by Maurice Harker, M.ed, and  Momma Trauma: Now What? Finding HOPE when your child battles pornography or other challenging issues.

My degree in Recreation Therapy and my years of working in the health care industry with special populations has given me unique insight into the power people have in accepting and overcoming weaknesses.

I am passionate about people and I love helping and encouraging others to find their OWN answers. I specifically work with women of all ages and have come to see them as God’s secret weapon for incredible good. I firmly believe GOD IS THE LIFE COACH and I am a helpful facilitator through my own experiences.

Please schedule a complimentary one-hour coaching session where you can decide if we are a good team!

(2 Timothy 1:7) “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Coaching Rate: $85 for a 50-minute Session, $45 for a 25-minute session

Eternal Warriors for Women/Mothers: Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm MT

Stay-tuned for Karen’s upcoming Eternal Warriors class:

“Power of the Body, Love of the Body, and Sound Understanding”

Email Karen at karenlb3@gmail.com to be added to her waiting list for either class