Tristan Carey

Tristan Carey

Life Coach

Self-Mastery Coach

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Phone number: 406-552-9491


Tristan Carey

“My coaching journey began with a profound commitment to personal growth, and after graduating from the Sons of Helaman program in 2014, I immersed myself in the transformative world of Life Changing Services. Initially serving as a text coach, I later became a personal warrior trainer, honing my skills in guiding the Sons of Helaman through the program, and helping them implement daily habits and trackers in the battle against addiction.

My passion has evolved, and today my expertise lies at the intersection of powerful habits and financial empowerment. I help people get more of exactly what they want in their life: more time, more money, more freedom, more peace of mind. I specialize in helping clients leverage themselves away from debt and protect their assets from economic downturns.

Reach out to me for a quick discovery call now and let’s design a roadmap for your transformative success!

None at this time. Please contact Tristan directly for coaching.