Tristan Carey

Tristan Carey

Life Coach

Self-Mastery Coach

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Tristan Carey

Tristan has received personalized training from Maurice Harker, Cody Hawes, and Chris Beynon. After graduating from the Sons of Helaman in 2014, Tristan continued to work with Life Changing Services as a text coach and mentor, receiving additional training under the direction of Maurice. He served a full-time mission in Cali, Colombia, further applying the principles of the program in helping others to overcome undesirable habits.

Tristan is an experienced martial artist, with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and some additional training in Karate, Krav Maga, and Street Defense. Tristan is also a gifted musician and actor, having played flute through junior high and high school. He has participated in various musicals, both on stage and in the pit orchestra. He used principles of fighting and meditation, combined with his passion for music, to harness the effects of ADHD and eradicate different addictions from his life.

Tristan has experienced success working with the following:

  • Sexual Addiction (Pornography, its counterparts, etc.)
  • ADHD/ Lack of Focus
  • Overdependence on Technology (i.e. video games, smartphones, tablets, etc.)

Expect intensity of training working with Tristan.

Rate: $65/ hour

Tristan is not an Eternal Warriors mentor at this time.