Eternal Warriors Family Manual (electronic download)

[Also available is this Eternal Warriors Family Manual in full size, spiral bound print]

I am so worried for my children under age 12! The world is exposing them to inappropriate media at younger and younger ages. Sons of Helaman has done miracles for the youth. What do you have for the younger ones??

Life Changing Services is proud to announce the release of our new Eternal Warriors Family Manual and its accompanying Mentor Training system!

A team of our best have worked for over a year now to take the principles found in the much acclaimed, Like Dragons Did They Fight book and transpose them into an 80 page manual specifically designed for training children under the age of 12 to win self-mastery battles. It is true that parents can put in a great deal of work to protect their electronic devices, but empowering the young ones with the skills and tools needed to make the right choices and take the right action in the moment of battle is absolutely essential!

This manual is full of clearly written instructions and lessons, fun activities and colorful images, carefully prepared for you to be able to empower your young ones. It has been proven effective and understandable for ages 4-12. You are welcome to get the manual and work on your own, or you can take the Mentor Training course in order to fully empower you in the use of the manual. And finally, you have the option of having one of our Certified Eternal Warriors Mentors work directly with you and your children to provide the training in your home.







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