Momma Trauma: Now What?

When a child is hurting, the momma hurts too! (Mommas, raise your hands if you agree!) When worry, tears, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness set in, you know you are in “momma trauma”.

Now what?

How do we get out of “momma trauma” mode? How can we find peace again? Where can we find help?

I’ve been right there with you fellow mommas! (in my pajamas all day, Netflix bingeing in a chocolate blur of existence!) It’s a dark, dismal place.? I am here to share my journey of learning how to come out of dark corners, show up on purpose and fight with the Savior.

I’m excited to share the tools and principles I learned to get out of “momma trauma” and become a stronger, more awake and full of light warrior momma!

Join with me on a journey to reclaim your hope and truth through the grace of Jesus Christ. Come “Stay by the Tree” with me!

– Karen Broadhead