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Aneladee Milne, CMHC, Director of Daughters of Light & Warrior Women of Light

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Aneladee Milne, CMHC, Director of Daughters of Light & Warrior Women of Light

Aneladee Milne stands at the forefront of the campaign to fight addictions, improve mental health and preserve the family. She has spent many years evangelizing addiction prevention through the Eternal Warriors program which she helped to develop with Sons of Helaman Director Maurice Harker, M.ed.

An innovative leader in therapeutic interventions for women and adolescent girls, she has championed addiction recovery and mental health causes using supportive group therapies developed by her mentor, colleague and friend Maurice Harker at Life Changing Services since 2011. This unique, spiritual approach to healing and recovery has helped over 1000 men, women and young men and women throughout the nation, fueling a small revolution of warriors who are learning to fight the real enemy – Satan.

She espouses the 3 core principles that contribute to quality mental health: 1) Know the real enemy. 2) Know the real you. 3) Know the characteristics of God that will give you the strength, weapons and strategies to win your personal battles with the enemy.  She consistently delivers this message to her clients through individual counseling, therapeutic interventions and publications.

Aneladee holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Southern Virginia University and a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of the Cumberlands. She is the co-author of Eternal Warriors and Daughters of Light programs and the creator of the program journals used at Life Changing Services. She and her husband are the parents of six children, several foster children and thirteen grandchildren.