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Bryton Peterson, Therapist Intern

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Bryton Peterson, Therapist Intern

Bryton is the first graduate of the Sons of Helaman program who has returned to be a clinician leading Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni YSA groups. 

As a teenager, he began learning and living principles of self-mastery and Spiritual Warfare and has been practicing them ever since.

Since his graduation from Sons of Helaman in 2012 Bryton has been teaching these same principles in many capacities with Life Changing Services. He has spent time as a text coach and PWT and was a mentor over the Sons of Mosiah Program prior to his own mission in the Washington Vancouver Mission. 

He also facilitated the monthly Sons of Helaman Parent Support Meeting/General Panel and was a co-facilitator of the Fathers Who Fight meetings and podcast for a time. He has also been featured on the Eternal Warrior and Like Dragons Did They Fight podcasts.

Bryton graduated from BYU-I with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is over halfway through his Masters in Counseling program.  Since he graduated from Sons of Helaman in 2012, Bryton has spent over 1,800 hours teaching principles of self-mastery and Spiritual Warfare.

Bryton was born and raised in Northern Utah. He has 4 brothers and 1 sister. He is happily married and has 2 sons.

Bryton grew up in the Boy Scout Program where he earned his Eagle Scout award. At the age of fourteen, he began working at a nearby Cub Scout camp and later a High Adventure Camp. He worked as a camp counselor at the camps every summer for 8 years. He also spent time as the Aquatic Director and Camp Director for the camps.

To learn more about Bryton, visit his blog.