Dallin Loosli

Dallin Loosli, Intern Therapist

Sons of Mosiah, Men of Moroni


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Dallin Loosli, Intern Therapist

Dallin began his journey of self-mastery by graduating from the Sons of Helaman Program in 2018. Since then, he has taken his passion for the principles taught within the various programs of Life Changing Services, and has excelled as a Personal Warrior Trainer, Men of Moroni Mentor, Sons of Mosiah Program Director, Eternal Warriors Coach and Intern Therapist. Helping others find peace, healing, and autonomy is the central motivator of Dallin’s work. 

Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Eastern Oregon University, Dallin is currently obtaining a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of the Southwest. This education only serves to complement his understanding of human behavior, as well as strengthen his ability to help others on their path of recovery and self-mastery. His methods are built upon ever-increasing psychological knowledge and grounded in his testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

In his undergraduate studies, Dallin focused his research on pornography, empathy, and religiosity. He published his findings with Dr. Robert Butler at the Western Psychological Association in 2023. Dallin is continuing to conduct scientific research with the aim to determine the most effective therapeutic approaches for individuals struggling with unwanted pornography and masturbation behaviors. 

When working with his clients, Dallin emphasizes small and simple actions that ultimately lead to massive results. Through this process, he has helped many young men reach their goals of serving full-time missions and marrying in the temple, while also empowering married men with the tools they need to rebuild their marriages and families. 

Dallin, his wife, and their adorable baby boy live in Southern Oregon. They enjoy playing pickleball, reading Brandon Sanderson books, and playing lots of board games. 

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You can contact Dallin at 541-733-8533 or elders@lifechangingservices.org or looslitherapy@gmail.com for a Free Consultation