Understanding Sexual Self-Mastery and Sons of Sacrifice

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Sexuality is experienced differently by different people. No two people experience their sexuality in quite the same way. Some want more romance, some like more touching in a different way, some want emotional connection, some are attracted to their own gender. Sexuality is as unique and individualistic as fingerprints. It is how God made us.  […]


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(Parts of this blog post were taken from the book Never a Happier Time. You can get a FREE ebook copy HERE.) For many individuals, sexual addiction and in particular looking at pornography and masturbation feels like a battle.  It isn’t a battle with physical weapons.  It is a drawn-out psychological biochemical war with an extremely skilled and experienced […]

Help For Gay Men to Overcome Addictions

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Why I Started Sons of Sacrifice In August 1976, at age 17, I crept stealthily into my first therapy session desperate to find the cure for being gay. In those days, the therapist, chagrined that one of his gay clients might encounter another, had his secretary take us in through one door and out through […]