The Warrior Code

Man holding sword up against sunset

In order to be one of the Mighties, you must hold yourself to a standard that you follow. It’s not a standard set by anybody else but you, and it’s not enforced by anybody else but you. You will hold yourself to this standard and it will be your guide. The Code I serve God […]

Seeds and Weeds: Attending to our Psychological Garden

seeds blowing in the wind

Planting and Protecting your Psychological Garden 1. Personal Growth and Self-Reflection: Self-improvement often begins with introspection and personal revelation. Taking time to reflect on your goals, desires, and personal identity can lead to profound growth. 2. Planning and Time Management: Organizing your time and planning your activities are critical for achieving your self-improvement goals. It’s […]

The Fourth Watch

Young man looking at the sky

Do you, like me, sometimes find yourself questioning God’s timing in your life? I think we can all relate to looking heavenward and wondering where Divine intervention is, as we or our loved ones seem to be denied righteous longings and suffer beyond reason. Hard things happen to good people, and we could spend all […]

Warrior Chemistry: A Profound and Innovative Approach to Self-Mastery

Warrior standing in the sun with sword

In an age where physical threats have been largely replaced by psychological ones, a novel concept known as “Warrior Chemistry” has emerged as a unique psychological strategy to counter these unseen, yet ever-pervasive dangers. As we navigate through the world, we encounter many threats. Historically, these have often been physical, leading our ancestors to carry […]

Harnessing Warrior Chemistry: An Innovative Strategy Against Satanic Intrusive Thoughts

DNA model and chemicals in a lab to show warrior chemistry

In a world where the battlefield has largely shifted from the physical to the psychological, intrusive thoughts—unwelcome, involuntary, and often distressing—pose a significant threat to our peace of mind. If you’re on a journey towards self-mastery, as described in “Peak” by Anders Ericsson and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, these intrusive thoughts can interfere with […]

Make a Record of Your Proceedings and Know the Record is True

mark-up of 1 Nephi Chapter 1

[The following is an excerpt from the conversations we have in the Spiritual Psychology Masterclass.  I invite you to join us each week.]  I found another teaching point at the end of the first verse in 1 Nephi.  “I make a record of my proceedings”. He repeats the phrase two more times.  In verse two, […]

Embracing the Role of an Effective Presider

husband and wife with new baby

Thoughts you might add to your Personal Identity Statement As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we recognize the sacred role of a presider in our families. We strive to lead with love, compassion, and an understanding heart, cultivating an environment of unity and growth. In the world of business and […]

The Power of Self-Reflection: Unlocking Personal Growth and Resilience

woman sitting on a step thinking and writing in a journal

In our journey towards personal growth and spiritual development, self-reflection plays a crucial role. It is a tool that allows us to gain insights into our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, enabling us to make positive changes and build resilience. President Nelson’s concept of self-reflection provides a powerful framework for this transformative process, drawing parallels with […]

Unlocking Your Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Improvement

Unlock your potential

Embarking on a journey of self-improvement is a powerful step towards personal growth and fulfillment. Today we will delve into various strategies and insights aimed at unlocking your potential and helping you become the best version of yourself. From establishing a strong foundation to cultivating a growth mindset, we’ll explore practical techniques and timeless principles […]

Specialized Self Mastery Training: Winning Mood Battles

puzzle that says "mastery"

The dynamic DPAR method, combined with the power of positive self-talk and unwavering self-belief, can revolutionize the approach to self-care for Warriors. By embracing these strategies, we can thrive in our roles, nourish our mental wellbeing, and continue to be a beacon of light in our communities.

From Peer to Leader: A Teen’s Guide to Rising Above the Challenge

Young man reading a book

(Article written by S. H., Sons of Helaman Warrior) As a teenager standing on the precipice of adulthood, you might be questioning your potential and how you can impact the world positively. Let me share a secret: every great leader starts with a moment of self-doubt, followed by a series of actions that define them. […]

Thought Sequencing: A Step Towards Self-Mastery

AI man with thoughts in head

Just as an athlete undergoes rigorous training to hone his skills, our minds also need disciplined training to master our thoughts and achieve our desired goals. This article will explore the concept of thought sequencing, its importance, and how mastering it can lead to self-mastery. Decoding Thought Sequencing  In the journey of self-improvement, one of […]