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The Warrior Code

In order to be one of the Mighties, you must hold yourself to a standard that you follow.

It’s not a standard set by anybody else but you, and it’s not enforced by anybody else but you. You will hold yourself to this standard and it will be your guide.

The Code

I serve God with all my heart, with all my might, with my whole mind, and with all my strength.

Every goal I set, every effort I pursue, every thought I nourish, and every movement I make is calculated to serve God by building His kingdom and serving others. I plan for everyday and I follow that plan no matter how I feel.

I fight for the safety of my life, my wife and children, my rights, my religion, and my freedom and liberty. I know that Satan, the father of all lies, is skilled and incorrigible; but I know that God is more skilled, more powerful, and I am His son and have His power through my covenants.

I include God in my planning to prepare for and defeat Satan’s attacks; I not only don’t fall for them, but I build God’s kingdom in response. Not losing isn’t enough: I dominate.

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As a Mighty Man of God, I acknowledge that I am a more elite soldier, who is constantly vigilant, doggedly determined, and unwilling to compromise my values. I never take even one step in a direction that ends in a place where God cannot be.

I observe my wife with the intensity of a hawk and strive to be aware of what she wants and needs before even she knows it.

I strive to vigilantly be aware of my children’s state of being and plan and execute ideas that invite them to follow Christ. I create a warm, nurturing, and inviting environment that allows my wife and children to grow unrestrained into who they are.

The introduction to a series of posts that will be compiled into a book called The Mighties: Sons of the Covenant.

Casey Stinnett

Casey Stinnett, a son of God, husband to a crazy fun wife, father of 5 tiny humans, and one of God’s Mighties fighting against evil. But mostly just a dude trying to be who he thinks God wants him to be. 

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