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The Mighties: Sons of the Covenant

The Mighties

Eight hundred.

That is how many men were dead around him. A circular display of confidence and competence. A tribute to God’s might and to years of training.

Josheb felt simultaneously grateful and not all that surprised or overwhelmed with his accomplishment. 

“Well, the Lord’s accomplishment through me,” he thought as he knelt to pray and thank the Lord for His endless mercy to him and all who choose to obey Him.

His blessings are plentiful.

Josheb was chief of the Captains of The Mighties, an elite squad of 30 men in the army of the Lord that was lead by David, the prophet. Eight hundred was quite the feat, though. He would brag to his brothers later tonight.

First he had to talk with the others and make sure David was going to be safe in the cave they’d hidden him in; Saul was still searching for him.

As Josheb returned back to the cave, the cave of Adullam, having secured the area with the other two (they were referred to as The Three, being the chief captains of The Mighties), he found David weeping. 

What was he crying about now? He had become rather sensitive since having to flee from Saul.

“Sir, what ails thee? We just won that battle! Is that not well?” Josheb asked.

“Yes,” responded David, “that is well, indeed. It is just that in my gratitude for this victory the Lord has offered us, I feel to drink of the water whence I came, Bethlehem, from the well by the gate. But alas!, the 

Philistines have occupied the place and we cannot get to it. I wish to drink the water and praise the Lord for His mercies.”

Josheb pondered a bit, then patted David on the shoulder and walked toward the other two.

“Eleazar, Shammah, we have a mission. David wants water from Bethlehem, from the well by the gate. 

We are going to get it and bring it to him. Let’s go.” Josheb said.

The others nodded. This was not unusual. Nor did they consider that they wouldn’t fulfill a desire of David’s.

They were trained and skilled enough that most mortal men weren’t even a challenge for them. They trained more than any other man.

They drilled their every move.

The Mighties: Sons of the Covenant

They planned for every scenario.

This is how they founded The Mighties.

They became better than any had ever been.

But this was not the main source of their power nor their confidence.

No, it was so much more than that: They trusted in their God, knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would deliver them as long as they stayed faithful and clean of heart.

Before they planned how to go in to get the water, they knelt in prayer and began a fast. They agreed that they would not eat or drink until they had safely delivered the water to David.

They would get the water tomorrow night because that is when the Philistines were going to rotate their guard as weary, battle worn troops came in and fresh, ready troops went out.

Josheb had spies all throughout their camp and knew their every move. Some of The Mighties were among them, but only certain of them, the ones who were less recognizable, as most others would be easily recognized as being from The Thirty.

When the time came to go in, Josheb, Eleazar, and Shammah moved like a synchronized wolf pack, knowing each others’ every move without hardly looking at each other.

Like they could sense each other with a knowing beyond this earthly realm. They were one unit. One team. One. Their bodies simply an extension of each other.

With precision, they cut down the few guards left to watch while the other Philistines filed in and out. In the confusion–and among the Philistines, these brutes, there was much confusion and yelling–not being seen was fairly easy. Sure, the dead bodies would be found, but not until long after The Three had gone.

Sneaking, killing as necessary, and moving quickly, they made it to the water. With Eleazar and Shammah on lookout, Josheb bent to fill the water bottle, tempted to drink some himself, as he was parched, but he remembered his oath and restrained himself.

Once the bottle was full, he looked up and that is when he saw what the others had just noticed as well: a shadow on the walkway ahead, coming toward them.

They had no place to hide. They thought they had cleared the area enough not to be seen here, of all places, where the Philistines never came because they didn’t know how much value this water had to the Jews. If they did, they would certainly have defiled it.

The Mighties: Sons of the Covenant

The Three prepared for the on comer, more with curiosity than concern. But it should have been concern, because it wasn’t just one coming, but three. Right as the first one spotted them, he raised his trumpet and blew a long, pure, loud note. A rallying cry. Shoot.

Josheb threw his spear and it flew true, sticking the trumpeter in the heart and killing him instantly. The other two Philistines fled toward the main garrison. The Three knew it was time to flee themselves before the entire army came upon them.

Shammah retrieved Josheb’s spear and threw it back to him as they sprinted toward their planned exit. Philistines were running toward where the trumpet sounded and many did not notice The Three. But some did and they raised the alarm which caused those running to turn and come straight for them.

“Lord, forgive us for our shortcomings and make us clean and pure in Thy sight. Strengthen our arms and make us more than men. Only Thy power will save us.”

That was the prayer they prayed before every battle.

They said it in unison as they readied their weapons.

Eleazar and Shammah both had a deja-vu moment, thinking back to their time of standing before the Philistines while the rest of the Israelite army fled in fear, but they stood to deliver the Lord’s judgment to those who dared defy the One True God and His people. Even if some of His people were cowards.

Yet again, mere mortals became god-like in power and might as The Three fell upon the Philistines, fighting their way out of the gate of Bethlehem, back to David, careful not to spill the sacred water that was their reason for being there.

Three at a time, the Philistines fell as the greatness of the Lord of Hosts was manifest through precision, unity, and a shared vision. All their training was amplified and none who approached left unscathed, if they left at all.

A path was plowed toward the exit, paved in the bodies of those who opposed The Mighties. It was a long path, as both weary and fresh Philistinian troops came to try their hand at killing three measly trespassers. But who can stay the hand of God?

When finally they had gotten free of the city, the sun was rising and curses were shouted behind The Three as they mounted their horses that they had hidden and began the trip up the mountain and into the cave.

The Philistines would feel the loss of so many men during their next battle. And Bethlehem would stink for months while they cleaned the aftermath of what only a group of Mighties could do.

When David received the water, he cried again. Then, in a move that surprised The Three, he poured the water on the ground. “I cannot drink this,” David said, “as it is the blood of you Three who put your lives in jeopardy to retrieve this. It is too valuable for me. I pour it out unto the Lord.”

David then hugged each of The Three and pronounced more blessings upon their heads.

They slept well that night as they heard the Lord whisper to each of them, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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Sons of the Covenant

The Mighties accomplished amazing feats that are almost impossible to imagine one man doing. But each of the Mighties distinguished themselves in fantastic ways.

One killed 800 on his own, as you saw in the story above, two of them stayed and slayed the Philistines when the rest of the Israelite army fled in fear–and lack of faith! One slew 300 on his own, one killed a lion in a pit filled with snow, and similar stories.

To become a Mighty, you had to really stand out. You had to be elite.

Clearly these men put in the work and effort to justify God’s power flowing through them so that they could accomplish such mighty feats.

I daresay they put in more effort than the others who didn’t become Mighties. But that wasn’t their goal, to put in more effort than their comrades. Their goal was to serve God with all their heart, might, mind, and strength.

And when they did that, they showed up in their armor, with their weapons, and got to work–which is what allowed God to EMPOWER them. God can’t empower you if you aren’t doing the work.

Can we say that these men were “chosen”? Or that they were extra special?

Yes, I think we can. But the key here is that lots of people were in that same army, but only 30 of them differentiated themselves. So yeah, David probably chose these men to be his elite squad, but it was their effort, dedication, and ferocity that made David choose them.

So really, they chose themselves.

“Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen? Because their hearts are so much set upon the things are this world, and aspire to the honors of men…” (D&C 121: 34-35)

So how does this apply to you? Well, you’re a dude who has multiple roles and you are trying to do them all well. But you feel that you haven’t done so well in some of them.

Maybe your wife thinks you haven’t done all that well at all. Maybe you are not as connected with your kids as you would like to be.

The Mighties: Sons of the Covenant

Maybe you just recognize that you have become spiritually stagnate and you want to progress.

Maybe you are doing well, but you want to be elite, one of the great ones, a hero to your wife and kids, a top tier warrior in the cause of Christ. One of the Mighties.

I am just not sure that you know how hard you have to work to become a Mighty. 

And likely, you don’t have a plan of progression to help you get there.

This book is meant to give you a guide for helping set your heart right and straight so you can become one of the Mighties who stands against the adversary in such a torn and fallen world.

One who is the husband God wants him to be.

One who is the father-hero his children need.

One who has power in the priesthood the likes of which is talked about in the scriptures and the results are referred to as miracles.

We’re going to stick to true principles from the mouths of prophets, both ancient and modern, and we’re going to demystify the laws upon which the priesthood power is predicated, as far as being a son of God, a husband, and a father is concerned.

If you’ve gone through the temple and made covenants with the Lord in there, you are going to learn how to honor those covenants more than ever before.

If you have not gone through the temple yet but you have been baptized, then you are going in a good direction and the temple will need to be in your sights for the power we’re talking about getting and using.

It is the covenants that are going to make all of this possible. As a man who has made covenants with the Lord, if you keep them, you are a son of the covenant and are eligible for all the blessings promised to Abraham, as one of his seed.

These blessings aren’t vague and nebulous or only applicable in the next life. They are specific and apply in your life now and in the next life.

Ready to draw on the powers of heaven through your covenants to become one of The Mighties?

Let’s begin our training.

The introduction to a series of posts that will be compiled into a book called The Mighties: Sons of the Covenant.

Casey Stinnett

Casey Stinnett, a son of God, husband to a crazy fun wife, father of 5 tiny humans, and one of God’s Mighties fighting against evil. But mostly just a dude trying to be who he thinks God wants him to be.  Contact info: 928-243-8696

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