Rebuilding Trust in a Traumatized Relationship: A Spiritual and Psychological Approach

couple in counseling

In any relationship, trust forms the bedrock of emotional intimacy and resilience. However, life sometimes throws experiences at us that damage this critical foundation, leading to a traumatized relationship. Rebuilding trust in such circumstances may appear an insurmountable task, but it isn’t impossible. Through a blend of spiritual and psychological tools, couples can reforge their […]

Triggers vs Alarms

woman feeling sad as she is triggered by something

In modern psychology, the term “triggers” refers to stimuli or events that evoke strong emotional or behavioral reactions in individuals, often associated with past traumatic experiences or deeply ingrained associations.

The Interdependent Symphony of Marriage

husband and wife sitting on couch talking

In the symphony of marriage, 1 Corinthians 11:11, rooted in the Corinthian context, and principles from LDS doctrine harmonize with 1 Corinthians 12 to illuminate the profound interdependency of husbands and wives.

Circus Mirrors and Feedback Sessions

boy looking into a distortion mirror

In a world where we are often judged by others and where we may inadvertently judge ourselves based on the opinions of those around us, it is important to remember that the only true and accurate reflection of our worth comes from a higher power. The phrase, “Well done my good and faithful servant,” highlights […]

Marriage, Relationships, and The Greenhouse Analogy

greenhouse with vegetables growing

In this world, where societal influences often taint the view of marriage and relationships, there is a pressing need to clarify what truly builds a healthy and strong bond between partners. Despite the wealth of knowledge provided by psychologists and theorists, they sometimes fall short in comparison to insights gained from those who receive revelation […]

Embracing Imperfections and Fostering Compassion in Marriage 

man and woman talking on bed

As a marriage repair specialist, I often find myself in sessions with couples who feel stuck in a loop of conflict and misunderstanding. These can be particularly challenging times for spouses who are navigating the complexities of parenthood. In recent sessions with one such couple, the insights gleaned became clear: In order to foster a […]

Overriding Fear in Marriage Repair

woman who looks like she's going crazy with negative thoughts!

The struggle with intrusive thoughts can be a significant roadblock in the intricate world of relationships. Many of us, grounded in faith, understand these uninvited, often negative thoughts as attacks from Satan, meant to distort our perception and disrupt our decision-making process. These spiritual attacks can push us to dwell on worst-case scenarios and overlook […]

Betrayal Trauma 101

woman with her head down visibly upset

If you are reading this, you are probably a wife who has just discovered her husband’s sexual disloyalty and she has been told she is experiencing Betrayal Trauma. I sadly welcome you to our support and training services. Perhaps you would like a simple introduction on a scientific level of what your brain and body […]

Using “The Pattern for Growth” to Fine-tune the Agile Checklist for Becoming Better Husbands

upward growth chart

How can we apply organizational principles and the wisdom of living prophets to become better spouses?  This article explores this concept, blending the principles from Atul Gawande’s “The Checklist Manifesto,” Agile project management methodology, and the “Pattern for Growth” as provided by our faith in an effort to become better Presiding Husbands. **Simplicity in Complexity** Navigating the […]

Shouldn’t you be able to rely on people? What if others are not meeting your needs?

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In today’s society, a prevailing theme – evolving gradually over time – implies that God’s existence is doubtful. Many, if not most, have tried wrestling with psychological challenges without experiencing a connection with a Divine Being, a Holy Ghost, or Christ for guidance, healing and support. This is an unfortunate digression from the original meaning […]

Reverence for your Partner’s Growth

man and woman with broken heart between them

In the aftermath of a collapsed marriage, the process of rebuilding can seem daunting. As we embark on the journey of reconnecting with our spouse, it is essential to focus on laying the solid groundwork of each individual before constructing the bridge that will bridge the gap between the partners. Today, let us closely examine […]

Complementary Memory Mechanisms in Men and Women

image of head with flash drive inside showing memory

We should consider why men and women perceive and remember experiences differently from a scientific standpoint, instead of resorting to simple stereotypes or casual banter.  From a historical, evolutionary and creationistic perspective, tracing back to prehistoric times, men were typically in roles that required them to protect and provide. These responsibilities often put them in […]

What is Betrayal Trauma?  How does it impact me?

Man with hand on woman's shoulder as she struggles with something like betrayal trauma

Betrayal trauma refers to the emotional and psychological distress experienced when an individual’s trust is broken by someone they are close to, typically in the context of a committed relationship. This trauma can occur in various forms, such as infidelity or sexual disloyalty. In committed relationships, trust forms the foundation for emotional intimacy, security, and […]