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A Warrior’s Prayer

One of my favorite times during any day is the opportunity I have to communicate with Heavenly Father.

While I still feel as though I am continuing to learn what it means to pray and how I can properly communicate with my Heavenly Father there are a few principles within prayer that allow me to feel a greater connection with my Heavenly Father.

One of the concepts that I hope to illustrate is that of a warrior’s prayer.

In Maurice Harker’s book, “Like Dragons Did They Fight,” he outlines the concept of a warrior’s prayer in pages 87-89.

He outlines two different types of prayers that people can adopt within their communication with Heavenly Father.

The first type of prayer is referred to as a “farmer’s prayer” or “missionary prayer”.

My interpretation of the prayer is that a major portion of a farmer’s prayer demonstrates a complete reliance upon Heavenly Father to allow for protection, guidance, safety, and to provide the necessary circumstances needed for the growth of crops.

It’s a “defensive” prayer. 

On the other side of the spectrum is a warrior’s prayer.

This type of prayer both acknowledges the adversary’s strength, but also takes an offensive approach in activating the Savior’s enabling power to strengthen you day by day in your battles with Satan.

A warrior’s prayer acknowledges your weakness and limitations and asks for the capacity to overcome such weaknesses, by grace, in order to effectively act, overcome, and build upon your motivation and ability to fight in your daily battles.

It recognizes that we each have a part to play within this battle and that we are willing to fight back with all your might while still relying wholly upon the grace and merits of Jesus Christ.

I will share with you some example statements that I try to use in my communication with Heavenly Father:

“Father, grant me the ability and the inspiration to know how I can better myself and overcome the weaknesses that I have…”

“Help me to know how to protect my family and fight back against the adversary; allow me the ability and the capacity to know the tactics of the enemy and how to overcome them…”

“Give me the knowledge, insight, and motivation to get through this day and better serve Thee…”

“Allow me to act in accordance with my values and who I want to be and to know how to repent when I may falter and lose…”

“Grant me Thy grace and the ability to trust in Thy will and timing even when I may not understand things the same way as Thee…”

I hope that we can each continue to pray and learn the language of prayer in knowing that we have a loving Heavenly Father who answers our prayers.

Christ’s grace is sufficient and His Atonement can enable to win our daily battles. “When there’s no peace on Earth, There is peace in Christ.”

Written by Brandon Nite, APSW, MSW graduate, Northwest Nazarene University. You can reach Brandon at

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