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But My Situation is Different

“I am not so sure I am a drug or alcohol addict, but everyone keeps saying I am!”

How to tell if you have a “real” problem.
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My name is Mark.

Just like you, I am NOT a drug or alcohol addict.  So why does everyone else keep saying I am?!?!?

Let me tell you my story, and you can decide for yourself.

As 2016 came to an end, my life was also winding down. I had made a commitment to myself that I’d be off of drugs by the end of the year or I’d be dead. I had saved over 180/30 mg Oxycodone pills for that purpose. I had asked for help and it appeared that religion, family, and faith in humanity had once again let me down.  Probably, for you, it has not gotten this bad.

Amazingly, someone had been working behind the scenes to help me.  On the 26th of December I was taken into detox at a local hospital. I will detail that “learning experience” another time.

I remember being let out of detox several days later to meet with Dave Rose of Renaissance Ranch. I met with him at his office. He wanted to hug. I wanted to run. My wife had taken me there to put me in a program. “For my own good”.

2 men shaking handsI asked some small questions of what the schedule was and how much I was expected to participate etc. Then I asked “how do I complete this program?” “Do the twelve steps” and you are done is what I heard. I had my goal, not to do the twelve steps to improve my life, but to do them so I could get out of this situation and everyone would just leave me alone. Although, agreeing to attend was a total submission to the desires of the people who were trying to control my life.

So being the cooperative person that I am, I decided to go along with their plan and agreed to start Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Step One:We admitted we were powerless over alcohol {and} that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Well for starters, I didn’t have an alcohol problem. I drank a lot in high school and into my twenties, but since I started going to the pain clinic, I hadn’t wanted to drink.  The staff at the pain clinic were the only ones who really understood my pain. If only those who claimed to care for me would believe my story. The prescriptions’ I was receiving were within the guidelines set by the FDA and agreed upon by the DEA standards. 

Was I to believe that I was to exchange the idea of being an alcoholic for the addiction to a “legally prescribed” pain medication? After all, doctors prescribe medication not alcohol. 

I’m powerless?

This is where I have to make my stand. I am a proud father of six and have had several high paying jobs. If only I hadn’t had so many bosses that were so inferior to me, I wouldn’t have been “laid off” so often when they made stupid decisions that I didn’t agree with.  

Further, my life was not “unmanageable,” it was “difficult” because people kept getting in my way. Telling me how I could be happier if I lived the way they suggested. Who were they to tell me how to live?  I had already been in some of their medicine cabinets and seen all the drugs they needed to “cope with life”. 

I pose these questions?

  • Have I ever taken more medication than I was prescribed? I had extras so why not, my pain was intense that day.
  • Have I “borrowed” from others with or without their knowledge?  They didn’t need the medication as much as I did.
  • Have I ever exaggerated my pain to others, the doctor, or the ER to make sure I got the medication I “needed”? Of course, otherwise I might run out. What if the pharmacy ran out?
  • Have I ever told myself “this is the last time I will do this?” Only to do it again the next day.
  • Am I an ADDICT?

Well so what if I am?

Since then, after going through all this, I have worked to climb out of the addiction pit and, if you are ready, I am ready to work with you to help you climb out.  I have participated in and carefully studied many different addiction recovery training programs. I agonizingly learned to apply these many principles and I now have a strong marriage, a strong career and I feel joy. 

Tough things happen on a regular basis and I have coping skills that do not include drugs or alcohol.  

Let’s talk.

I don’t know exactly what you need because I don’t know you and your unique circumstances.

I have teamed up with Maurice Harker and Life Changing Services to provide you with the most effective and most cost efficient services that combine the most powerful principles from all of the best recovery systems available today. 

You can call 877 437 6877 and ask about the Addiction Recovery program for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program.  If I am not available, the office ladies will take your number and I will call you soon.

We will be friends.  We will work together.  We will be heroes to our families again.

Written by Mark Achter, a Trained Recovery Mentor at Life Changing Services and mentor for the Addiction Recovery for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program, a Christ-centered recovery program, based on the 12-Steps, for those needing the help of a therapist.

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