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The P.I.E.S.S. of Self-Care

(this is a guest post by a woman in the WORTH program through Life Changing Services.)

Even now I am distracting myself while my husband is supposed to be returning my daughter in the next 20 minutes or so, chewing my fingernails, wondering what could go wrong (we are separated and served initial divorce papers last week). So I am writing this [journal] entry to self care 

What is self care?

To put it simply, there are five categories [of self-care], and anything in these categories is replenishing.

  • Physical – Exercise, adequate sleep, healthy meals
  • Intellectual – Research (what I’m doing now), learn something new, educational podcast
  • Emotional – mindfulness, meditation, journaling
  • Spiritual – study scriptures, attend temple, pray
  • Social – support group, therapy, service to others

But, I’ve heard the best way to self care, is to live life in a way that doesn’t leave you depleted and needing to recover from life.

That means slowing down, living mindfully, loving and caring for yourself. Trust God and turn yourself over to His care. 

(Update: my daughter is safely home 🙂 )

Why women don’t do enough self care

Women are caregivers. Women give everything they have and keep nothing back for themselves. One of Satan’s lies is that “if I don’t (fill in the blank … read to my child enough, keep the house clean, do service, etc) then I’m worthless.

This is a lie.

I don’t have to be perfect.

I already have worth, just by being me.

I’m a priceless and powerful daughter of God.

Remember the airplane emergency demonstration for oxygen masks? Put on your own mask before helping others. You’re no use to us dead. You’re no use to us so depleted that you can’t function!

Stick with self care.

black horse in meadow

The other lie Satan tells me is “if you do self care, you’re wasting time and that’s selfish of you.”

This is a lie. I’m not wasting time! I’m rejuvenating myself so I can be the best version of me and “fill the measure of my creation.”

In Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell, a horse owner explains that if he works his horses seven days a week and doesn’t give them a break, they die! What a waste of horseflesh!

It’s better to build in breaks to keep them healthy. 

I can build in breaks so I’m not too exhausted to do God’s work when He calls on me to be His hands.

Stay healthy. Stay happy 🙂

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