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The Power of Anchors, Habits, and Routines: A Path to Happiness and Calm

In today’s fast-paced world, finding joy, happiness, and calm is essential. I want to explore a concept that we often overlook but is vital in our daily lives: the power of anchors, habits, and routines.

Recently, I touched upon images that might bring a smile or contentment, such as family gatherings, sunsets or pictures of nature, animals, and other things that bring you joy. Today, I want to delve deeper into the rituals and routines that sustain us.

Finding Joy in Images

The human brain is a marvelous organ, one that responds profoundly to imagery. When you look at pictures or images that evoke happiness, something miraculous occurs in the brain.

The limbic system calms down, helping instill a sense of tranquility. It triggers the release of dopamine, those “feel good” hormones that elevate our mood.

But what happens beyond images? How can we integrate habits and routines into our lives to amplify this effect?

Building Safety through Habits and Routines

As we go through our daily activities, we all have routines that help create safety, peace, and efficiency.

For instance, in my workplace, I have established a routine where my computer, chair, and pen are placed in specific locations.

When I sit down, I know that it’s time to work. This ‘anchor’ creates a sense of purpose and allows me to be more productive.

In addition to work habits, personal routines can also shape our day. For example, brushing my teeth is a regular part of my morning and evening routines.

But can we add more to these simple habits? Perhaps while looking in the mirror, we can contemplate the good things about the upcoming day, or consider the positive aspects of ourselves.

We can also take time to look in the mirror and remember our greatness and say I love you (insert your name.) This mental exercise helps boost our mindset and prepares us to face the day with optimism.

Family Anchors: Finding Calm Together

Family is another strong anchor that provides both comfort and joy. In my household, we make it a point to eat meals together.

This shared time is more than just about nourishment; it becomes a moment of bonding, support, and pleasure.

It reinforces the familial connections and offers a soothing end to the day. I consider family meals a gift to myself and others as we check in with one another, listen, and offer encouragement and support in each other’s endeavors. 

Your Turn: What are Your Anchors?

I’ve shared some of my anchors, habits, and routines that bring happiness, calm, and safety into my life.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What are your anchors? How do you integrate routines into your life to find peace and accomplish your goals?

Understanding and intentionally shaping our daily routines can greatly improve our lives. Recognizing the anchors that ground us and building habits that support our well-being is an ongoing process, but it’s one that rewards us with a deeper sense of contentment and purpose.

Let’s embrace these small but meaningful practices, for they can guide us towards a more fulfilled and joyful life. Experience the joy of wellness. 

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Marquelle Brown

Marquelle Brown is a Neuro-encoding Specialist, Life and Relationship Coach, and Functional Medicine Nutritionist, CNS* who specializes wellness, gut health/autoimmune conditions in betrayal trauma and trauma recovery. She combines these together beautifully to support and care for women as they develop their ability to experience the joy of wellness.

Marquelle helps individuals free themselves from runaway thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hold them back from their highest potential. 

She enjoys helping those struggling bridge the gap where they continue to fall short to learn and develop skills to stand in their truth and shine in a confused world. She helps women remember they are important influencers in their home, community, and the world.  

Marquelle specializes in helping women and teens re-discover their inner beauty and experience the joy of wellness spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  

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