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4 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated During Down Times

One of the hardest things to do is to stay motivated during down times or in the off season.  I know because it is one of my biggest challenges. So, here are 4 simple ways to keep your fire burning:

  1. Take a break from whatever sport you compete in.  “Absence makes the heart grow stronger.” Sometimes we really don’t realize how passionate we are about something until we have not done it for a period of time.
  2. Explore different sports or activities that keep you active but involve movements different from the sport you are playing now.  Studies show that overuse injuries occur from repetitive use of the same muscle groups and joints. Chances are you will discover a new hobby!  I love playing footgolf in the summer and racquetball in the winter.
  3. Find somebody to challenge you and compete against, preferably somebody who intimidates you.  While the main reason we participate in a sport is because it is fun and we love it, we must keep those competitive juices flowing!!!  Losses are lessons, so thank your new rival for giving you a free lesson.
  4. Create some type of reward or way to celebrate your achievements.  Whenever we “win” something, there is a large release of testosterone and dopamine into the brain. Over time this changes its structure and chemical makeup, making us smarter, more confident, and able to take on larger challenges than before.

If you find yourself in a pattern of not performing to your potential and feel like you struggle to perform at your best when it matters most, give me a call or sign up here to get a FREE consultation to see which tools & techniques you can use to manage those thoughts and emotions that are getting in the way.  

Article written by Chuck Miller, Infusion Sports Coaching, 801.694.4512

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