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ADHD blog: Comorbidities

The Severe ramblings of an incoherent ADHDer, or better known as an introduction to Kennyland.

(Note: this was written by guest blogger Kenny Hill. The post has not been changed from the original and any typos, spelling or other errors have been left exactly as it was written.)

“Hit me.”

“Alright, I call.”

“Read ‘em and weep boys, a full house!”

“Not so fast… Four aces. Haha!”

“Kenny, let’s see your hand. A deuce… another ace?… draw four!?… gingerbread forest… $500 monopoly money, and… a grocery list? What in tarnations!?”

As you can see I am clearly playing with a full deck, it just happens to incorporate elements from other decks too. That’s what we call special.

No wait, uh, prepared? Stacked? Loaded?

Comorbid! That’s right, comorbid. It kind of sounds like we’re both morbid, but it’s just me. Well, you might be morbid too. You should really have that checked out before it goes septic.

I asked one of my sons to spell comorbid (he also has ADHD, all my kids do) having never heard the word before, he gets it right in one. He’s one of those walking dictionaries. He gets it from his father AND his mother.

We’ve been told that we are highly special and intelligent people, respectively…. Wait a min… anyway the point is… well, now I’ve actually lost the point. So then, why didn’t I just erase the paragraph and start over, you ask? Hmmm…  good question, maybe I will.

Comorbidity is more than one disorder existing in the same host, er I mean person, at a time. Apparently, when I was really young, my ADHD was lonely. So my brain adopted some brothers and sisters. We got an LD, which we named dyslexia. She’s so ytterp.

Then I got a pound puppy. A few years later I went to pick a little ODD, but there was this CD just starring at me with those big eyes I couldn’t resist. Bring on an addiction, add a little PTSD and I’m one proud papa. A little too proud. (Actually I am a very proud papa of my children, not my lexicon.)

ADHD blog: Comorbidities

For realls though, it’s like a family of problems in my head. We are never really alone, the voices and me. If you talked to me you wouldn’t notice. I keep all the creepiness quietly in my noggin, along with some epic explosions, but when I type I give voice to my brain, and well… 

CREEPINESS is NOT a comorbidity! it’s a character flaw.  *PUNCH*  OW!, okay it’s not a character flaw. (It is) IT’S a personality- I mean perception imperfection. Happy? 

It can be cured through therapy, exercise, supplements and the media you ingest. Watch and listen to good things and your thoughts will surround them instead of filth. Just sayin’, you’re in control. 

Anyway, I am not here to talk about how creepiness is NOT a comorbidity, if I was, I could just write “THE END” and be done… hmmm…  should have thought of that before picking a hard topic with lots of words…  

REGRETS are also NOT a comorbidity! They come free. 

When I think of the word COMORBID I think of morbid which makes me think of death. Did you know that someone with ADHD is statistically at a greater risk of dying early. Also, did you know that morbidity means illness or disease and mortality means death. I’ve been wrong this whole time.

The Dance of the Macabre is morbidity playing with mortality, but I digress. The overall life expectancy of someone with untreated ADHD is shortened by 13 years or so, however the statistic of dying by the time you’re 45 is something like 60% higher.  Due to impulsive and high risk behavior. 

Or more commonly referred to as “Hold my beer.” or “watch this” syndrome. I don’t know why I find this bit of irony absolutely fitting and hilarious. Maybe it’s because I’ve cheated the reaper this whole time and when it’s over I will then “greet death as an old friend, and go with him gladly, and, as equals, to depart this life.”

Seriously, I think if my impulsivity-stupidity had caught me the wrong way round and made me go all the way of the earth, I might have a different view on the matter. Then again, maybe not, seeing as how I’m morbidity and all.

But how do they know it’s 13 years? That’s pretty specific. It’s probably because that’s how long it takes us to return texts, and reconnect with friends and family. A bad Idea still sounds like fun even a decade later. It’s just that by then we are less nimble than we remember, and the rest is obituary, I mean history.

The other factors that contribute to Disasterous Early Assension  Disorder is the very real Substance Use Disorder and suicide. Which, darkly, ARE comorbidities to ADHD. I’m not saying that only people with ADHD suffer from these but it is a significantly higher rate. And there is no medicine to cure stupidity, only help with impulsivity. 

Medicine, or meds as they are known on the street, has this weird effect on people. They make conversations come to an abrupt end. As though being on medicine means your pet bunny died.

 “I think so much clearer since I got on my meds.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.”

The term “on” medication is an odd one right? Almost sounds painful. Like you are you standing or sitting on a lego? Is it a magical mount that allows you to fly around the room? Especially since we ingest, inject, inhale, apply, or stick in our eye, wouldn’t the medicine be “on” us?

Another weird phase people use is tripping balls.

ADHD blog: Comorbidities

Can you really trip a ball, doesnt the ball either roll over your foot or bounce off of it?

Even if you manage to knock the bear off of it, wouldn’t you really just have managed to become lunch more than have absconded a ball?

And who are these people that go around ambushing spheres? I bet they think twice when it’s a bowling ball. That’d knock the meds right out of ‘em. 

MEDS are NOT a comorbidity! But they can cause some. What do I mean by that? A few years back it was brought to my attention that this disorder was managing me instead of the other way round. I thought I had it under control instead I was under the imperious curse, (In my own dojo) or, at least, that’s what it feels like.

The consensus was I should try medication. I met with a few doctors. One for a diagnosis, one for therapy, and one for a prescription. The prescription doc wanted to start me on SSRIs and an antidepressant. Not because I was depressed, but because I was going to be once I took the SSRIs.

The ADHD meds had side effects that included depression and anxiety (which I get in normal bouts not disorderly amounts) So, to counter that I’m given an antidepressant that had side effects that are ADHD symptoms. It’s a terrible downward spiral. Speaking of downward, they told me it would take 4-5 weeks to see results but the only immediate result I saw was the undisclosed ED.

I already have one form of ED (Executive Disfunction) I refuse to accept this not-so-special ED as a treatment. So I flushed them down the toilet where they belong. Somewhere in the sewer is a gator, confused, disappointed, and too embarrassed to talk about it. Since the turtles are ninjas and not therapists let’s get our minds out of the gutter.

But this story opens a question: where is the line in the sand between comorbidity and side effects? And after I’ve received that hours long answer, does it matter? The only reason I can see is to know the source. Makes it easier to eliminate what you can if you know where it’s coming from.

If I’m susceptible to depression and my medicine is going to exacerbate that, then I’m not going to take it. There are plenty of other meds and supplements I can take to find what’s right for me. If meds, regrets, and sweating like a turbo jet are NOT comorbidities to ADHD, what is? 

Well, funny you should ask. I’ve comprised a handy dandy little shopping list. You are a allowed to have as many as you can carry. Remeber those of us with ADHD dont use shopping carts unless we are only getting one item.

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder – APD
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – BPD 
  • Passive Aggressive Disorder – Mother-in-Law 
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder – ODD/ASS
  • Conduct Disorder – CD
  • Substance Use Disorder – SUD
  • Major Depression Disorder – SAD
  • Dysthymia – IDK
  • Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
  • Bi-polare Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Tic Disorder – TD
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behavior – OCD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Specific Learning Disabilities – LD
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder – Clumsy
  • Communication Disorder – Marriage
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD

This list is not comprehensive to every type of comorbidity out there. These are the ones that can be genetically linked to ADHD. Yes genetically. Dyslexia and ADHD share the same gene, and you are 40% more likely to have dyslexia if you have ADHD. There are certain physiological similarities between these. There are other disorders one can have in tandem with these that, although not directly connected would still count as a comorbidity. Such as:

  • Eating disorders
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Daydreaming disorders
  • Hoarding 
  • Addiction
  • Aphantasia
  • Anendophasia 
  • Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome – CDS formerly known as Slugish Cognitive Tempo – SCT
  • Youngest child syndrome
  • A Cat person

For a full and comprehensive list see the internet, or you buddy. That’ll sort you out. 

I truly think that sometimes we give extensive names to prolonged poor behavior as a way to excuse something rather than to work on an issue. People be poppin tic tacks calling it Not-atall then saying “sorry” I have Assertive Suck-to-be-you Syndrome and continue on with their day. 

Comorbidities come from life’s little spice cabinet. Some are just nutmeg (that’s my favorite). Some have their own problems but compound when added to another. For example, since my disorder affects my executive functions when I struggle with working memory moments it can cause some anxiety. At this level it is not a disorder, right?

I mean, once the situation changes I forget about how I messed up, and the anxiety leaves me long enough to not be clinical. Anxiety is like paprika. With how red it is I thought it would burn my face off, instead, it’s just a nice smokey flavor and goes with almost any dish by the end of the day. 

I like marshmallow a lot, maybe that’s why I’m beginning to resemble one. 

I have also noticed that all my depression and anxiety is fear based. Driven by satanic lies. The quicker I discover the lie and restore the truth the quicker I return to a level zero on the chemical scale. That is, until I got on adderall. Realizing there was no lie driving the hours of crippling anxiety in an already challenging situation is when I discovered Chemical Comorbidity

“New and improved. Don’t leave home without it!”

“Cha!, As if!”. 

So, another med put away. This time in a cabinet and not down the drain. I couldn’t bear the thought of giving that gator inconsolable anxiety on top of his… other “challenges”. Ever the conservationist, I am. But meds don’t have to be a problem, and for most people, they are not. I got a whole post on that. 

Like Dragons Did They Fight Free download

Sentence structure and syntax matters between whole posts and post holes when it comes to Blogs vs fences. Although, I really like the idea of doing a youtube channel about making wands. I might even make a couple while doing it too. 

It’s important to identify what is a comorbidity vs a symptom. We are looking for causalities not excuses. We are seeking for understanding and reasoning so we can find solutions and unlock potential. In the widespread chaos of this disorder, you cant tell me you haven’t felt the highs of: 

  • cleaning your entire place in minutes instead of taking all week
  • being the only calm one in a crisis
  • becoming an “expert” on a subject in months or even weeks instead of wasting all that money and 8 years in medical school. 

Now, what if the understanding we gain helps us to tap into those moments of awesomeness when we choose to. Intentional greatness instead of situational compliance.

Understanding what’s a symptom, what’s situational, what’s a totally different disorder, and what may need clinical and medical help is crucial. When I first started to meet with a therapist he wanted to label me bipolar, and manic.

Based on poor sleeping patterns and wild mood swings, amongst other things. As I listened to him I also listened to my body and the Spirit of God. I knew I was not bipolar.

Sure I struggle with RSD, imposter syndrome, etc, but what felt uncontrollable a decade ago was manageable now. By opening the tool bag and using the T.R.U.Th tool, NiNiFiFi, and the others, I am able to get myself out of those terrible lows, and bring myself into those incredible highs without delusion.

Which allows me to eliminate the satanic lies of worthlessness and so forth. My therapist at the time didn’t want to consider God in the mix of things, but he couldn’t deny the results. The next therapist refused to listen to me.

He insisted that ADHD isn’t real and Neither is God. His diagnosis was that all of this is a result of being molested as a kid. Which I NEVER was. My point is that it is important to understand yourself, the way your body and mind respond to things. It’s important to know where our current limitations land because with proper training we can become Olympians of ADHD.

God is NOT a comorbidity. He is the answer. He is in charge, He allows us to go through trials, tribulations, disorders, comorbidities, and has given us gifts, talents, and people to help us learn to become like Him.

He himself faced more than we could ever understand,  why should we think to have it easy and expect to be changed for our good. The other side of that coin is the adversary knows better than we do what our struggles are. he wants to put pressure on our afflictions. he wants you to be confused and feel hopeless about it all. Whether we like it or not we are in a battle.

This is why we study. We study so we can train – We train so we can fight – We fight so we can win. There is absolutely zero shame if we have any or all the disorders. But we will not be our happiest if we aren’t doing something about it. Even if it feels small at the time it will be monumentous in the end. The more we fight the stronger, smarter, and better we become. All so we can eventually be our best. 

Becoming our best CAN become a comorbidity if we allow it to. 

I dont know who said this but I saw it on my wife’s facebook page…

“The longer you entertain what is not from God the longer you postpone what is. God can do more with your surrender than you can with your control.”

As always, if you would like to contact me about any of this please feel free to email me at 

Or you can text me at 801-706-6848 I may not have all the answers but I am happy to help wherever I can. 

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