The Warrior Code

Man holding sword up against sunset

In order to be one of the Mighties, you must hold yourself to a standard that you follow. It’s not a standard set by anybody else but you, and it’s not enforced by anybody else but you. You will hold yourself to this standard and it will be your guide. The Code I serve God […]

Border Patrol

boy with hands over his face

One of Satan’s primary tactics is to try and get you to forget about your Border Patrol activities.  He works tirelessly to get you to forget your PWR goals, your drills, and to mark your calendar.  He works to get you to forget why you fight, what you value, and who you truly are.  Because this is a primary […]

Warrior Chemistry: A Profound and Innovative Approach to Self-Mastery

Warrior standing in the sun with sword

In an age where physical threats have been largely replaced by psychological ones, a novel concept known as “Warrior Chemistry” has emerged as a unique psychological strategy to counter these unseen, yet ever-pervasive dangers. As we navigate through the world, we encounter many threats. Historically, these have often been physical, leading our ancestors to carry […]

Harnessing Warrior Chemistry: An Innovative Strategy Against Satanic Intrusive Thoughts

DNA model and chemicals in a lab to show warrior chemistry

In a world where the battlefield has largely shifted from the physical to the psychological, intrusive thoughts—unwelcome, involuntary, and often distressing—pose a significant threat to our peace of mind. If you’re on a journey towards self-mastery, as described in “Peak” by Anders Ericsson and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, these intrusive thoughts can interfere with […]

Thought Sequencing: A Step Towards Self-Mastery

AI man with thoughts in head

Just as an athlete undergoes rigorous training to hone his skills, our minds also need disciplined training to master our thoughts and achieve our desired goals. This article will explore the concept of thought sequencing, its importance, and how mastering it can lead to self-mastery. Decoding Thought Sequencing  In the journey of self-improvement, one of […]

Taking Responsibility for Our Thoughts: Navigating Satanic Attacks

farmer working in his field

Understanding the Difference between Fault and Responsibility in Our Thought Processes As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are constantly striving to align our thoughts and actions with His teachings. However, amidst our efforts to cultivate positive and uplifting thoughts, we may encounter unexpected challenges. The metaphor of a farmer tending to his fields can help […]

Protecting Against Pornography and Harnessing the Power of Christ

image of hands over a family showing protection

(Note: this is the condensed (transcript) version of a fireside given by some of our Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni graduates.) Dallin: My friends, a few of us Warriors were having a discussion on protecting against pornography and harnessing the power of Christ. As we delve into this topic, we assume that you […]

Finding Balance: Managing Stress and Apathy in Life

black pendulum

As we navigate through life, stress is inevitable. But how do we manage stress and maintain emotional balance? This article explores the concept of balance in our lives, drawing inspiration from the idea of a pendulum and its inverted counterpart, the metronome. We’ll discuss ways to reduce stress, pull out of apathy, and create effective […]

The Spiritual and Psychological Founding Principles Behind the Satanic Spin

amusement park spinning ride to illustrate the Satanic Spin

One of the great mysteries in human behavior is when an individual does things that contradicttheir own value system. Most young men who seek treatment for sexual addictions have a strong desire to serve an LDS mission, get married in an LDS temple and aspire to become worthy fathers and strong spiritual leaders. Many are […]

The Influence of Good Men

father talking to his son

Recent studies continue to demonstrate the positive connection between having a father in the home and the influence that father’s can have on child development. The presence of a father in the home positivity correlates with higher levels of sociability, confidence, and self-control in children. Children with involved fathers are less likely to act out […]


hand reaching down from the sky to touch a man

(Parts of this blog post were taken from the book Never a Happier Time. You can get a FREE ebook copy HERE.) For many individuals, sexual addiction and in particular looking at pornography and masturbation feels like a battle.  It isn’t a battle with physical weapons.  It is a drawn-out psychological biochemical war with an extremely skilled and experienced […]

A Warrior’s Prayer

soldier praying

One of my favorite times during any day is the opportunity I have to communicate with Heavenly Father. While I still feel as though I am continuing to learn what it means to pray and how I can properly communicate with my Heavenly Father there are a few principles within prayer that allow me to […]

The Younger Generation

group of teenage boys helping one who is depressed about something

“They’ll never make it in the world”, “they are too soft”, “they don’t need more love they need to be disciplined”, “they don’t know the value of true hard work”, etc. How often do we hear these kinds of statements in reference to the younger generations of today? How often do we find ourselves believing […]