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Fighting the battle against chemical dependency

Hi, I was probably as messed up and broken as you feel…

Being here today, I sense that we’re in a sacred space with individuals who have had to fight for their lives while struggling with life-threatening addictions. I’ve personally witnessed the devastating impact of this disease, as I’ve lost two cousins and an aunt to it and have personally fought my own battles. So, I stand as a supporter for all of us who are dealing with obstacles that with God, Christ, and our faith we can overcome.

I also want to highlight the crucial role of faith, a higher power, and transformational tools in my 10-year journey towards recovery. During this period, I grappled with the challenges of life-threatening cancer, dark and disturbing thoughts, depression, anxiety, and the chaos of managing prescription medications. It’s my firm belief that without these invaluable resources, my recovery would have been significantly more challenging, if not impossible.

I want to emphasize the importance of faith and a higher power in our journey. This is why I’m passionate about helping and guiding others through their hardships and trauma so they can reach their highest potential. We achieve this by incorporating our IDEAL VISION 4 LIFE method. I’m here as your servant leader, utilizing Solution-Based Intervention called the IDEAL VISION 4 LIFE Method.

Because you and I are not defined by our mistakes, and most recovery happens when we embrace positivity, this method centers on where we want to go, who we want to join us, why we fight for our future, and how we reach our ideal life filled with miracles, joy, healing, and peace. Faith, a higher power, and our shared vision play a vital role in this transformative journey.

The Ideal Vision 4 Life program offers an empowering solution to ignite your passions, cultivate personal fulfillment, nurture extraordinary relationships, and foster a divine connection. It simultaneously guides you in shedding intrusive thoughts, behaviors, and influences that encroach upon your core values and potential, all in alignment with Christ.

Have you ever felt that the challenges you’re facing are more than you can overcome alone?

You want to move forward and you know there’s a solution, but you just can’t  get a handle on things?

I’VE BEEN THERE!  Stuck!  Unsure!

Wanting to keep my family together, my marriage together and my life together—

Now I invite you to imagine something with me:

*Imagine gaining and MAINTAINING recovery

*Picture developing extraordinary relationships

*Visualize healing your marriage, family and yourself

*Envision conquering unhealthily behaviors

*Looking forward to manifesting miracles

*And most importantly, See yourself THRIVING all areas of your life

You don’t have to imagine any more—finally there are some solutions.

My name is Cindy Jorgensen, and I’m the founder of Precept Family Services: Line Upon Line Solutions. Our organization is dedicated to solution-based interventions inspired by the following  powerful methods:

Create the vision of your IDEAL LIFE. We partner with our team to craft a simple game plan that includes connecting to the Divine—your higher power. We nurture and guide you to “Let go and Let God,” encouraging you to ask Him, believe, and then receive by connecting to the divine.

Next there’s the  “STOP, DROP & ROLL”” method based on what is taught to children in emergency situations when their clothes catch on fire and they are facing impending death. It’s about reacting swiftly and decisively, based on a pre-established plan, to protect yourself from harm.

Here we learn to “STOP” by recognizing the obstacles or distractions, “DROP”  away from the distractions and “ROLL” into your why–also called Warrior Chemistry.

As we wholeheartedly embrace the concept of “Warrior Chemistry,” inspired by Maurice Harker’s book “Like Dragons Did They Fight,” we intentionally harness the psychological processes behind Protective Anger and determination. This approach empowers us to counteract harmful influences, unhealthy triggers, and behaviors that conflict with our core values and principles, including intrusive thoughts.

Like Dragons Did They Fight Free download

Think of it as tapping into that primal fight-or-flight instinct—the incredible surge of power you experience when your child is in peril, and you spring into action, even at significant personal risk.

This heightened state is akin to what athletes often describe as being in the “Zone”—moments when you feel almost superhuman, like Hercules or possessing a unique superpower.

Ultimately, it involves delving deep into your motivations — your “WHY” and recognizing who you are fighting for, which is typically our families, our loved ones, a cause or gaining harmony  with ourselves or with God.

I would like to share a personal story:

“Two Decades Ago: Battling Thyroid Cancer and Embracing Warrior Chemistry”

Around 20 years ago, I faced a daunting battle with thyroid cancer and the debilitating aftermath of treatments. Due to the absence of my thyroid, my cognitive abilities plummeted, rendering me incapable of even the most basic tasks.

I struggled to organize my thoughts, write emails, prepare meals, do laundry, and engage in coherent conversations. Making appointments seemed like an intimidating challenge due to my fear of forgetting them. In this moment, I felt utterly paralyzed, overwhelmed by the ramifications of my health condition.

Fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt consumed me. I found it difficult to feel the comforting presence of the Holy Ghost, which had once been a constant in my life. It was as if I had entered a dark and desolate world, alone.

This term, derived from the book ‘Like a Dragon They Did Fight,” characterizes a state of mental and emotional turmoil often linked to profound personal challenges like illnesses, adversity, mental health issues, or trauma.

The ‘Satanic Spin’ begins with a single intrusive negative thought, typically initiated by external forces, such as the adversary. This initial negative thought triggers a chemical reaction in our brains, leading to the stimulation of negative emotions and further negative thoughts. These subsequent negative thoughts intensify in their negativity and destructive power, akin to being in a tsunami ferociously building more and more dangerous making it nearly impossible to break free.

Like Dragons Did They Fight Book Cover

During this ‘spin,’ clear and logical thinking becomes impaired, often resulting in overwhelming emotions that may lead to actions inconsistent with our values and principles.

Despite these overwhelming circumstances, I clung to my higher powers who are  my Savior Jesus Christ  and transformational tools. I received multiple priesthood blessings and fasting and prayers of my loved ones.

I attended church services, even if I often found myself in the hallway instead of the chapel. I often felt emotionally numb, but I continued to care for my children and husband, even if not as well as I wanted to.  I

continued to pay my tithing, although reluctantly, and made an effort to read scriptures, even if it was just one word. I listened to a recording of  my personal “IDEAL VISION” for life.  This self-made recording prophesied complete healing, joy and recovery. 

I went through this roller-coaster for ten years.  President Holland’s wisdom perfectly encapsulated my feelings. He acknowledged that ‘during these times our understanding can be limited.’ Nevertheless, I clung to the belief that remaining true to the light I had been given and choosing to doubt my doubts, rather than my faith, would eventually lead to more revelation. 

During this trying period, my family and I united in fervent prayer, pleading with the Lord for strength and guidance.  I was then introduced to the psychological tool, Warrior Chemistry, that was described above.

One day, while volunteering at my 6-year-old’s school, a profound personal revelation washed over me. In a gentle whisper of the Holy Ghost, I heard, “All these negative voices in your head are LIES. None of them are true.”

This revelation activated what I call my “Warrior Chemistry” or being “in the zone.” It ignited an inner battle within me, clarifying my identity and connecting me to my mission and purpose.

In the depths of depression, I had believed that I was inadequate, that someone else could better raise my kids than me,  I questioned the value of my life and if everyone was better off having me in heaven. These feelings and thoughts were lies from the adversary, filled with self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty. During those times, I often felt alone.

However, when my Warrior Chemistry kicked in, like a hero rising from the dust, I saw myself, my talents, and my purpose more clearly.  Through this personal revelation I recognized that no one else could love my children, my own flesh and blood, more than I could. I saw that I possessed unique insights, intuition, and revelation as their mother and primary caregiver. I realized I was irreplaceable to my family, as emphasized in Sheri Dew’s book, “No One Can Take Your Place.”

Fighting the battle against chemical dependency

This personal revelation marked a turning point in my recovery from cancer and dark days of depression. It helped me rise to a higher ground of hope, peace and confidence, allowing me to embrace my role as a mother and caregiver fully.

The personal revelation I received was transformative, breaking the chains that had previously bound me to the adversary’s tormenting. It brought healing to my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, empowering me to move forward with renewed strength and faith.

This profound journey ignited within me a deep desire to share the transformative tools I’ve gained. I am excited to share these tools with you as you embark on your spiritual journey.

But by the grace of God and by integrating mindset tools into my life, I found stability. Today, I must take medication to live due to the absence of a thyroid. This used to feel like an obligation, but now I view it as an opportunity to trust professionals, myself, and my higher power. This shift in perspective has been transformative.

I also want to address the yo-yo medicating cycle, where permission to go off medication by my doctor led to crashing and suicidal thoughts. Each time I faced a cancer diagnosis and surgeries to remove cancerous cells, it was an immense challenge.

This journey has taught me the profound importance of faith in my higher power, self-trust, and the guidance of professionals. Recovery is possible, even in the face of immense challenges. I hope my story can inspire and resonate with each one of you as you navigate your own paths to recovery.

I would like to invite you to learn what I have learned.  We should meet and talk about what you are going through.  We can decide from there what resources will serve you best.  Please pick a time from the following list for us to talk:

If you want more details about the different resources our team provides, please go to: 

I hope to serve you well,

With the deepest of sincerity,

Cindy Jorgensen

Feel free to text me: 801 -294- 8400

Fighting the battle against chemical dependency

Cindy Jorgensen

Cindy Jorgensen is the owner of Precept Family Services and uses the Ideal Vision 4 Life Method to help her clients. She works with couples, individuals and families to bring peace, healing, and recovery to their lives.

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