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Thought Sequencing: A Step Towards Self-Mastery

Just as an athlete undergoes rigorous training to hone his skills, our minds also need disciplined training to master our thoughts and achieve our desired goals.

This article will explore the concept of thought sequencing, its importance, and how mastering it can lead to self-mastery.

Decoding Thought Sequencing 

In the journey of self-improvement, one of the essential yet often overlooked aspects is understanding and sequencing our thoughts.

Consider the experience of a man I mentored—an enthusiastic athlete in his 50s—who despite his drive, grappled with a challenge that hindered him from realizing his full potential.

Much like a football player buoyed by inspirational videos and cheering fans but lacking a strategic game plan, he found himself stuck.

This scenario is often mirrored in our self-mastery approaches, particularly concerning sexuality, under the mistaken belief that motivation alone suffices.

However, motivation is only one part of the puzzle. Techniques and strategies—akin to a football player’s drills and footwork—are equally vital.

Upon examining the man’s thought process, it became apparent that he hadn’t established a thought sequence—an optimal series of thoughts that could guide him from his current state to his desired outcome. The concept of thought sequencing was entirely foreign to him, underlining the need for systematic cognitive techniques to achieve our goals.

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Automation: Help or Hindrance?

Over time, many of our actions become automatic.

Consider an amateur golfer who focuses solely on hitting the ball, hoping it reaches the hole without a strategic plan. In contrast, an experienced player adopts a deliberate pattern of behavior, refined over time until it becomes second nature—whether mental or physical.

The Chemical Scale of Thoughts

To understand our mental states, we employ The Chemical Scale—a tool measuring how affected our cognitive process are distorted by brain chemical shifts.

the Chemical Scale

Level 0 signifies a state of ‘gloriousness’—pure and peaceful. Conversely, Level 10 represents a complete breakdown of one’s ability to live up to their Values System. Levels in between represent varying psychological and neurochemical states, ranging from strong, negative, unwanted emotions at Level 2 to irrational thoughts at Level 4.

These shifts are directly caused by microscopic “Satanic Spins”.

They are subtle assaults on our mental state. Each lap around the “Satanic Spin” impacts our the neurochemical elements of our bloodstream, gradually modifying our mental state until we are wholly engulfed. Recognizing these mental state landmarks helps us navigate our thoughts more effectively.

The Shortcomings of Merely Observing Your Thoughts

The principle of ‘watching your thoughts’ (Level 3 on the Chemical Scale) has been widely propagated.

However, merely observing your thoughts is akin to watching a runaway train—you can see it, but you can’t stop it.

If we don’t identify the shift in our mental state early enough, we risk being carried away by the torrent of thoughts.

Visualizing the Desired State

One crucial aspect of mastering thought sequencing is focusing more on the outcome we desire rather than what we want to avoid. Similar to a golfer envisioning the hole’s location before swinging the club, we need a clear target—a ‘flag in the hole’—towards which we direct our thoughts.

If we are unfamiliar with our ideal mental state—our ‘state of awesomeness’—we lack a direction to aim for. By continually refining and clarifying this ideal state (Level 0), we can illuminate our path through confusion and negativity. 

It is highly recommended that you take this time to begin writing down a description of your state of mind when you are at your best, experiencing 0 distorting influence from your brain chemistry.

Building the Thought Sequence

With a defined starting point, where your thoughts and feelings are at when you realize you are under attack and destination (Level 0), we need to formulate a thought domino sequence to lead us from one point to the other.

This process can be challenging, much like setting up an intricate domino chain. But, with the correct tools and techniques—such as using cue cards to represent each step in the sequence—we can build a Thought Sequence that is likely to empower you to dominate the psychological battle that you find yourself in at any given moment.

Trigger Phrases for Sequencing Thoughts

A trigger phrase—a phrase you have discovered, upon Reflection, that is near the beginning of your Chemical Scale experience which often leads to you crossing into behavior contrary to your Values System.

Trigger Phrases can be used to become the first thought domino in your new sequence, leading you to a series of thoughts that transition you into your preferred state of mind. Before the attack, in a position where it is safe to practice, like an athlete, repeat the Trigger Phrase and the following series of thoughts and actions as you have planned in advance. 

You will have to make the same decision athletes make when it comes to how much you practice this process.  If you would like to be really good at it, you will have to practice a lot, many times per day.

Overcoming Common Obstacles

Even with a well-defined thought sequence, obstacles can still emerge.

These can include Satanic attacks that cloak themselves as negative self-talk, lack of motivation, or external distractions. Understanding and anticipating these challenges can better equip you to navigate around them and stay focused on your desired mental state. 

You can increase your preparedness by pondering where and when the next attack will be, and setting up your Thought Sequence to be trigger in advance of these attacks.

Case Study on Thought Sequencing 

The following is a real-life scenario where I set up a Thought Sequencing designed to help me get back to Level 0 after noticing I was “off” at Level 2.  (Hopefully a video walk through of this process will be made available.)  

Thought Sequencing: A Step Towards Self-Mastery
Thought Sequencing for Long-Term Self-Mastery 

By consistently practicing Thought Sequencing, it becomes an integral part of our daily routine, thereby promoting greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and overall mental wellbeing.

In conclusion, mastering our Thought Sequences can significantly enhance our ability to achieve our desired goals and aspirations.

However, just like any skill, it requires practice, patience, and persistence. As we learn to sequence our thoughts effectively, we are not just reshaping our thought patterns; we are redefining our path towards self-mastery.

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