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Bowling with Jesus – a Campfire Parable

Alright, gather around the campfire, folks. I’m about to tell you a story you won’t forget.

Now, imagine this: you’re at a bowling alley, not just any ordinary bowling alley, but a special one. One where your partner isn’t a human friend, but none other than Jesus Himself.

You see, you’re quite nervous. You want to bowl right, you want to play a perfect game, but you’re not quite sure how to do that.

You’re holding that shiny, heavy ball in your hands, looking at those distant pins, and you ask, “Hey, show me how to do this correctly.”

Then, you hear a calm voice that says, “See the pins down there? Just roll the ball towards them.”

You’re puzzled and ask, “But how do you do it right?”

The voice answers, “I know you’re not going to throw the ball backwards or sideways. You’re going to make an effort towards the pins. I have 100% confidence in you.” 

This voice, you see, is none other than God Himself. He’s not there to micromanage, but to guide you gently. God knows you’re going to try to get it right. He doesn’t worry much, because he’s sure you’re going to make an effort. 

Now, let’s talk about the bowling partner, Jesus. He’s ready to roll the second ball each time if you ask him to. Say, you get up there, roll, and only hit one pin.

Can you guess how many pins Jesus would hit if you ask Him to roll the second ball?

Yes, that’s right, He’d hit all the remaining 9 pins. But what if you accidentally throw a strike on your first roll? You look towards Jesus, He simply claps and says, “Good job!”

He doesn’t leave the team.

He’s always there for you, because He knows the next time, you might just hit one or three pins. 

Here’s the amazing part of this bowling game: at the end of every frame, ten pins are always knocked down.

Why? Because we have Jesus on our team. It’s like having a perfect game every time. Imagine how great that would feel, knowing that no matter how many pins you hit, Jesus would always cover for you. It would be like giving the world a ten every single time.

You see, in this bowling alley, gutter balls don’t define you. They are just opportunities for Jesus to step in and knock down all ten pins.

And this is how you should approach life.

You give it your best shot, make an effort, and even if you don’t get it right, Jesus steps in to cover for you.

So, my friends, the next time you worry about making a mistake, or not being perfect, remember the bowling alley. Remember that you have Jesus as your partner, ready to step in and cover for you. Life isn’t about bowling a perfect game on your own.

It’s about making an effort, rolling the ball in the right direction, and having faith that Jesus will cover the rest. That’s the key to a perfect score in this game of life.

Take this story, let it sink into your hearts, and remember it whenever you’re facing challenges. You’re not alone, you have the best partner you could ask for.

With this, you can confidently roll your ball, knowing that you’re going to knock all the pins down, every time.

So keep bowling, keep trying, and keep faith, for every day is a perfect game when you’re playing with Jesus.

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