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The Spiritual Weight Room

Imagine a friend approaching you after going to the gym for a week or two with sadness and frustration in their voice.

“I really don’t feel like I am making any difference.”

As a good friend, you ask, “What do you mean?”

Your friend replies, “Every time I go to the gym, it feels like everything is against me.  All I get is resistance to everything I do. I find myself doing the same thing over and over and over again!  And to top it off,” your friend pauses and shows you two pictures on their phone, “I took a picture of the weight room before I started my workout today and I took a second picture after spending almost 2 hours there!  Can’t you see! They look the same! Obviously, I am making no difference!”


We have been told that this life is a test.  I am confident that part of that test is to see if we can figure out that this life is also a Training.  This life is a workout. We are told in multiple revelations that we are preparing for a more advanced phase in the next life.  

Many of you have learned the joy of the gym.  You expect opposition. You expect repetition.  You understand almost unobservable, incremental growth.  You understand that the goal is to make a difference inside you, not so much the space around you.  

And if you are ambitious enough to take on a personal trainer and/or you have ambitions to be one of the Noble and Great Ones of the Final Days, you know to expect a more than intense work out every day!

Welcome to the Spiritual Weight Room!

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