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Your Life – A Well Oiled Machine

Starting in my young adult years, I really struggled with the phrase, “Keep the Commandments”.

The phrase always feels and sounds like handcuffs and ankle chains to me. And then, as I was pondering a whole different subject, it made more sense to me and became really easy to understand, agree with and love.

Motors in cars and other machines amaze me. For over a hundred years men (and women) have been trying to perfect this machine we call motors.

Ask the science has been studied more and more, the engineers have discovered concepts and principles that maximize how well the motor runs. Gas to fuel ratios, piston compression, coolant systems, lubricants, exhaust, gear ratios, etc, etc.

car engineThere is one thing engineers of motors and cars agree on, “The more you understand and build your car based on these solid principles, the more powerful and pleasing your motor and your car will be.”

In other words, the more you “keep the commandments” of how a motor and a car should be built, the more the car and motor will “prosper”.

I invite you to find and study, as you are motivated to do so with motors and cars, the “handbooks” written by the wisest and most qualified “life engineers”.

As you do with other things…when you are ready…I hope you “hunger and thirst” for this information and “seek it diligently” so you can have a well oiled machine life.

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